Strength and Elegance: Metal Roofing Styles

Strength and Elegance Premium Metal Roofing

No matter the style you prefer – from traditional metal shingles to copper or standing seam – there’s a metal roofing option out there sure to meet any aesthetic. Here are some popular choices.

Aluminum roofs are lightweight, making installation much simpler. Their robust construction also stands up well against extreme weather conditions.


Metal roofs have become an increasingly popular choice among Florida, Georgia & Southeast homeowners as they provide superior weather protection, energy efficiency and durability compared to traditional shingle roofs. Their benefits make premium metal roofing installation an excellent investment for your home.

Residential metal roofs come in various styles and materials. Steel and aluminum are two popular metals used for residential roofs; both materials can withstand heavy snowfall and winds without shattering, with aluminum being particularly good at resisting salt corrosion in coastal environments. Zinc and copper are also highly resilient roofing options which may last over 100 years with proper installation.

Aesthetic considerations are another great reason to opt for a metal roof. Thanks to its many colors and styles, there is bound to be one that perfectly matches the design or neighborhood patterns in which your home sits. There’s even metal roofing available that resembles asphalt shingles, clay tiles or wood shakes! Metal roofs will add both beauty and value to your property!

Metal roofing provides numerous advantages that go far beyond durability and aesthetics, including non-combustibility and protection from the effects of ageing such as rot, mildew, mold, algae staining or insect infestation. Furthermore, most of the metal roofs we offer here at Erie Home are Class A fireproof rated so as to not spark and ignite in lightning strikes or wildfires.

metal roofs boast fewer seams than other materials, reducing your likelihood of leaks and maintenance requirements, giving it a longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs. Their longevity also makes premium metal roofs better choices for the environment as many shingle tear-offs end up in landfills while metal can be recycled at its end of lifecycle.


Installing a metal roof not only adds curb appeal and value, but it can also enhance its strength. There are various thicknesses available and 29-gauge panels are often sufficient in most areas – they’re cheaper than thicker options while still strong enough to withstand hailstorms and other natural events.

Copper roofing offers an elegant aesthetic, as its patina changes over time to become increasingly green as time goes on, making it the ideal choice for luxurious properties near salt water. Zinc roofs also make an excellent option, being corrosion resistant while self-healing.

Energy Efficiency

When selecting or replacing an existing roof, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind. Metal roofing has quickly become an attractive option among homeowners due to its many benefits; metal is becoming a go-to choice due to its long lifespan (it lasts 2 or 3 times longer than asphalt shingle roofing!), superior wind protection from hailstorms, tree branches and animals and energy savings benefits that help lower energy bills.

Traditional asphalt shingles absorb harsh sunlight and heat the interiors of homes, while metal roofs reflect it back out into the atmosphere, helping keep homes cooler during hotter summer days and decreasing air conditioning costs. Furthermore, quality DECRA roof systems (such as our ClickLock Standing Seam system) feature infrared-resistant granules to further lower energy costs.

Color plays an integral role in its ability to reflect sunlight and energy efficiently. Light-colored roofs such as white, blue and other “cool colors” tend to have high reflectivity ratings and help lower energy costs by reflecting solar rays into space where they dissipate more quickly; by contrast, darker shingles often absorb the sun’s rays, warming buildings inside while increasing energy costs [source: Florida Solar Energy Center].

Metal roofs add significant value to new and existing buildings by being highly sustainable. Their owners can reduce fuel and power usage, achieve green building certifications, and qualify for state, county and local tax incentives with these roofs easily installed across various roofing systems; making them suitable for new construction as well as retrofit projects.

Quality metal roofs can accommodate modern rooftop renewables like solar water heating, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines without requiring penetrations that could compromise their integrity. Furthermore, these Class-A fire resistant roofs make an excellent choice in areas prone to wildfires.


Metal roofing can not only add strength and durability to your home, but it can also accentuate its aesthetic through multiple design options. From vertical ribbed panels to standing seam construction, there are many styles to match any aesthetic imaginable – even traditional styles like wood shakes or slate tiles may be manufactured. Many manufacturers also provide multiple color choices; whether you prefer vibrant hues or subdued ones you are sure to find the ideal roof installation service provider on for their own metal roof installation services.

Metal roofs offer significant energy savings from day one of installation. Light-colored metal roofing reflects harsh sunlight away from your home rather than absorbing it and allowing it to enter, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, leading to significant energy savings and energy bill savings.

Metal roofs offer decades of service life when compared to other materials such as asphalt shingles. Furthermore, their maintenance requirements are far lower – no replacement or repairs necessary and they won’t rot or mold over time. Metal is also highly resistant to storm damage which is an important concern in many regions of the U.S.

Metal roofing materials offer many benefits beyond low maintenance costs and easy upkeep, including being one of the safest roofing options available. Their Class A fire resistance rating gives firefighters more time to respond and minimize damages caused by fires – an invaluable asset in areas with frequent wildfires where such protection could come in handy.

As there are various misconceptions surrounding metal roofs that discourage some homeowners from considering them for their homes, misconceptions may prevent people from considering them as an option. One misconception about them is their perceived loudness during rainstorms – this is untrue as long as appropriate underlayments are used and quality panels such as ClickLock that is designed with precise tolerances using first-run aluminum sheathing with Kynar 500(r) or Hylar 5000(r) PVDF resin-based finishes do not produce excessive noise during rainfalls.