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Ross Creative Studios

We noticed an increase in the traffic on our website since the blog post.  We wanted to say thanks for the feature.
Uptown Sox

Twisted Silver has been so fortunate to have more than one review by this honest and unsolicited blogger! As a small company, Twisted Silver thrives on reviews such as these which translates to consumer awareness of this hand made in America designer jewelry line.  We have noticed an increase in both sales and social media follows that can be directly traced to The Funky Monkey with her heartfelt reviews. When you love a piece of jewelry, you don't have to sell it, it sells itself.  That being said, you can count on the truth with The Funky Monkey; if they don't love it, they don't fluff it - it is what it is.  To us, this is a win win situation, and we look forward to future blogs and more collaborative efforts.
Twisted Silver

Gorgeous! Thank you! Incredible job!!!!
Reflecting Grace

Thank you for the great Julep Holiday feature on The Funky Monkey!  You were not only informative about Julep and our products but such a genuine supporter and fan, THANK YOU - we greatly appreciate that.  Your response is AMAZING.

Fantastic Susannah! Thank you so much. I've already had one store write to me saying they saw it on your blog and are interested in stocking it, so that is a wonderful result for The Lunch Punch. THANK YOU!
The Lunch Punch

I've had more success in the last two days with views and purchases than I did with a $100 budget on Google Adwords over the past week.
Howells Products

Susannah, the feature looks amazing!  Thank you so much!
Your Handmade Wreath

Because the last giveaway we did together was SUCH a success, I'd love to include you in the small handful of bloggers we are sending product to.
Lisa Leonard Designs

Thank you so much for contacting me to do this giveaway.  I have seen an increase in my Facebook likes and Twitter followers, and pretty much built a business Pinterest page.  I really appreciate the traffic you have brought me.
Pretty Twisted Jewelry

Thanks for asking me aboard your shop, so to speak.  I thought the response was great and I'm very pleased with the promotion.
Patti Haskins 

This was a GREAT promotion for my shop.  I had sales and a lot of views!
Fun Jewelry Shop

I really enjoyed your service.  Thanks to you, I have increased numbers in followers, favorites on my Etsy shop and likes.  This is amazing and I can't wait to be part of this again on your Holiday Gift Guide.  Thank you so much.  I am very impressed with what you do!
Eden Secret Products

It was a delight working with you as well!  Lots of new social media activity, yay!  I'd love to do this again.
Box of Pearls

Just want to say thank you so much for the feature!!  My phone has been making noise all weekend and it has been AMAZING!!!  So awesome to be featured!!!
L.A. Osborn 

I would love to work with you again.  Well worth the money I spent with you.  The Facebook likes and Pinterest followers/repins by far exceeded my expectations.

It was fun and generated a lof of new traffic for me.  I will do this again soon!
The Little Hipsters

Your site generated interest and orders so I would like to do it again.

Thank you so much!  I've been tagging my friends on Facebook and Instagram and telling them I won and they can too!!!  This has been so well managed, easy to enter and no confusion at all. Great prizes and great vendors.  You've done an excellent job making this all happen so smoothly!!!  And it's so much fun and so very appreciated!
Joy Matthews, Subscriber

Thanks for getting it up so quickly!  We've already seen some orders come in and we're hoping for many more :-)
Sweedie Kids

My traffic and sales increased from the exposure!  Great opportunity for my company!  I would love to do it again!
Berry Sweet Parties

Thank you so much!  I have a ton of new followers and sales since the giveaway started!!  I will let all my Etsy friends know about your awesome site!!
Bella's Sweet Boutique

I signed up for your emails, but not just for the giveaways.  I love seeing the companies you highlight and I get great gift ideas that way.  So, thank you!
April Johnson, Subscriber

You MUST read this lovely review done by Susannah of The Funky Monkey... Love how she describes our hoodies in detail.  Great review if you've never had one of our hoodies!
Evy's Tree

I am very pleased at the amount of traffic we received from your site and would love to work with you again in the new year.
Icon Wall Stickers

Thank you so much for wanting to feature me on your blog!  It has helped get the word out (across the US) about my shop!
Jocelyn's Original Creations

What a pleasure it was working with you.  Thank you for being so professional, efficient, kind in your review.

I'll most likely contact you again at the end of November for another run on your page, traffic was a success on my fb page for sure :) Thanks for the opportunity!
Bottled Up Creations

Thank you for letting us participate in your giveaway.  We received a lot of traffic on our shop and Facebook likes during it!
Happy Goat Designs

WOW!!!!!  Thank you SOOO much!!! I couldn't have asked for a better review and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your overly kind feedback!  So happy that you like them so much ;) and great photos too!  I will definitely share on my FB as well--thanks again, so thankful for the awesome exposure!
Willamy Collection

Yay!  Thank you so much for the opportunity, I had so much traffic!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Sutton Home Interiors

Thank you so much for featuring my business and giveaway on your blog.  The traffic to my Etsy shop and Facebook page really increased.  This was fun and I hope to do this again!
Sweet N Snazzy

My stats are through the roof!  Thank you so much!
Calico Juno Jewelry

I received a lot of traffic from the giveaway so I would love to do it again in the future.  Best one I have ever done!
Stuck Together Magnets

Just wanted to let you know that the feature on your blog was well worth it.  I've had a huge jump in activity on my FB page.  Thank you.
Daisy Lane Design

Thank you so much for the amazing write-up!  You have a really cool blog and I can see why people love it. 
For the Love of Maps

The feature looks great and I'm already seeing traffic and FB likes.
The Double Dubs 

Thank you for hosting my HairJems giveaway!  You did a wonderful job, I appreciate the time and dedication you put into all of your giveaway posts!  I'll be sure to contact you again, this was great fun and a super way to advertise! 

It was a lot of fun and I got a lot of "likes" and vists to my shop. 
Rizzle & Rugee

We also wanted to thank you for doing a good job with your post and marketing.  We were pleased with the traffic from your blog and would definitely work with you again.
Embellished Living  

WOW!  What a great awesome experience!  My goal was to up my Facebook likes and boy was that accomplished!  Thank you SO much for working with me.  I would love to work with you in the future.
Juicy Christians

Thank you so much for inviting me and hosting my giveaway!  I received so many new FB likes, visits to my Etsy shop and Favorites!
Days Gone Design

I just wanted to thank you for the review on The Funky Monkey!  It was lovely working with you.  I couldn't be happier, and I'm delighted with the results. 
Sage and Olivia

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this!  We got some great traffic from your site.
Pick. Print. Party.

Thanks again for doing the post.  My Etsy shop has gotten soooo many views!
Bonnie Boardman

My business partner just called and said it looked amazing and we've already gotten a bunch of FB likes! Thank you so much!!
Tweet Love

I very much enjoyed working with you on this review and giveaway.  The process was simple and efficient, and we were very pleased with the outcome.
Zoey's Attic 

Hi Susannah!  Wow, What a turn out for the giveaway!!  Thank you so much for this opportunity & all your help throughout!!
My Little Addiction

You've been a joy to work with Susannah and you have a fantastic following on your site.
The Champion Hare

Great review and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed our product!  I've already noticed a bunch of new FB likes that look like they came from your giveaway - so thanks!  We really enjoy working with bloggers because you guys are honest and your readers trust your judgement.
Krave Jerky

Thanks for the quick write-up already gotten some great facebook and twitter likes.

It was my pleasure working with you.  We ended up getting quite a bit of Facebook likes and Twitter followers + drive traffic to our sites as a direct result of your review.  Thank you! 

They were very pleased with the coverage and the spike in their Facebook likes as a result of your piece. THANKS!

I have to say, since I've been researching and working with blogs for promotion, yours is definitely one of the leaders for reader loyalty and interaction. I've run promotions with a few large "social networks/media groups" who did not get anywhere near as much traffic as you got at The Funky Monkey. I'm finding that really top-notch mom-blogs who are consistent, have a solid following and do their own great promotional work have much more impact than media groups who tout themselves as experts and charge an arm and a leg for promotions and advertising. As we move along in this social networking ride, I think the real cream will rise to the top and we'll start to see the true leaders shine through. You'll definitely be one of the few still setting a great example.

holy wow!!!!!  you've had an AMAZING response to the giveaway.
Grace & Lace

Thanks, Susannah!  Your review definitely increased our FB fans!  Thank you.
Peaceable Kingdom

Thanks!  I had a lot of fun with this blog and its giveaways!  I would LOVE to do it again as well!
The French Quarter Boutique

I've received great feedback and that's the best part, as you know. :)
Calendars & Chores

The response on your blog was fabulous. Again, I really appreciate all your time and effort.
Cronin and Company, LLC

Susannah, you did a beautiful job! Thank you so much. It looks good and you've given us several useful links. It's great.
Pearl Distributors

Thanks, Susannah! I loved it, too! I got so many hits on my site, and have a bunch of new fb and twitter fans. I am glad I came across your site!

I recently worked with Susannah and was a bit skeptical at first as I've never advertised on a blog before. However, I can't say how glad I am that I did! It means so much to me that Susannah made my first experience with online advertising so positive and professional!

She had everything up and ready within the timeline quoted (even quicker) and her rates are some of the most reasonable on the internet. She has a wonderful bunch of followers and truly puts her heart and soul into her many businesses and it shows:) I would recommend this talented lady to anyone and will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Many thanks,
Melissa Jackson

Thanks to you I found the website Sweet Divalicious Sample Boxes and we will be featured in their November box. I really love your page, actually. I think it is a really great thing what you are doing for us independent companies out there. We really appreciate it!
The Mineral Owl

Susannah…Thank you so much for reviewing Miss Lucy’s Monograms on your terrific blog! You did an outstanding job reviewing our products and conducting the giveaway! We are excited to be introduced to your readers! Thanks again!
Miss Lucy's Monograms

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