Friday, March 23, 2018

SprezzaBox 3-Month Subscription Giveaway

SprezzaBox – Subscription style in a box! This is perfect for the busy stylish professional and those who want to try other styles other than plain vanilla. I received a couple of well-packaged Sprezzaboxes recently and boy was I pleasantly surprised. In the boxes, I received a tie with matching socks and handkerchief, a portable lint brush, silver tie bar, and two sets of metal collar stays.

There are two main customers that I see who would subscribe to SprezzaBox; the busy professional who wants a personal stylist to curate some fashionable style in a box for them, or someone who wants to be surprised and step out of their comfort zone. I fall in the latter category. I consider myself stylish, as I have been given numerous compliments, but after looking at my ties and dress socks, they are filled with the same pattern. I definitely need to spice it up style wise.

The SprezzaBox I received contained a tie with microdots on a solid base. The socks had 1 1/2” solid alternating stripe colors that matched the tie. The kerchief was a nice touch and brought the trio including socks and a tie cohesively together. The metal collar stays will ensure your shirt collars are not wimpy looking and the tie bar tells others to take you seriously. The portable lint brush is handy as it is better to have one and not use it than to need one and not have it.

There are two options to subscribe to SprezzaBox. The first one is an upfront fee of $300 for 12 months, which comes to $25 a month. The most popular subscription is $28 a month and you can cancel anytime. Either option will save you money as all boxes are guaranteed to have a retail value of around $100.

Bottom Line:  Do you want a professional to curate a style box for you because you're busy taking over the world, or do you want to step out of your comfort zone and be surprised with something that you are sure to love? A subscription to SprezzaBox may just be what you need! For more information, check out SprezzaBox for the best subscription option that is best for your pocketbook.

Giveaway:  Click HERE to enter to win a free 3-month subscription to SprezzaBox!  Good luck Funky Monkey fans!

Product provided from SprezzaBox.  All opinions are my own.

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