Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brush Hero: The Ultimate Detail Brush

Brush Hero “The Ultimate Detail Brush” as seen on Shark Tank – Finally, a brush that cleans and rinses at the same time without the need for elbow grease! Why waste precious energy when you can have a tool that can clean for you? Just attach to your garden hose, turn on the spigot, click open the Flow control Valve on the Brush Hero, and simply press the rotating brush against the item you want to clean. For those of you who have converted from a regular toothbrush to an electric toothbrush, using the Brush Hero will make you experience the same ah-ha moment! You will be wondering why you haven't used it sooner!

I am very meticulous when I clean and this tool came in very handy when I recently cleaned my wife’s wheels on her car. Call it OCD, but when I clean car wheels I have to remove them from the car and also clean the back. Besides, the inside part of the wheels are where most of the dirt and grime ends up, especially since they are exposed to brake dust.

With the Brush Hero, I can control the speed in which the brush rotates; there are four settings: Off, Low, Medium, and High. I use the low setting to get a good lather when I use soap, and the higher settings when it is time for some serious cleaning. It also comes with two brushes: one for sensitive surfaces and the other for serious muck. These brushes can clean them all: cars, bikes, patios, grills, gutters, garden tools, pools, pets and whatever your wildest imagination wants to clean!

One thing I wished for was an extension of some type so that I didn't have to bend down as much, and lo and behold, Brush Hero also offers an 18” and 36” wand extension. Also, for those who want a built in soap dispenser, they also offer the Soapstar which attaches to the brush hero for an “all in one” solution. The folks at Brush Hero really have really thought about the needs of cleaning nuts like me!

Bottom Line – Need the perfect tool to clean dirt and grime without the need for elbow grease? Check out Brush Hero for more information. This would make an excellent Father's Day gift!

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