Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pet Soap & Bare Paw Balm and Wax Giveaway from Chloemason Soap Company

Our loving pets deserve the best when it comes to pet care.  The products from Chloemason Soap Company will pamper your pet with the finest ingredients.  The all-natural All Weather Bare Paw Balm & Wax is ideal for cold and hot weather.  This balm protects and helps nourish and heal bare paw pads from the weather, especially cold wintery walks.

Just dab your dog's paw in the balm.  Massage thoroughly and let the butter soak in.  This product will create a wax barrier between your dog's paw/pads and the rough ground.  Their 1 oz. tin is recommended for cats and small to medium sized dogs.  The 8.5 oz. tin is suitable for larger dogs.  

Made with organic coconut oil, raw shea butter, olive oil, calendula infused oil, avocado oil, raw beeswax, neem oil, vitamin e, essential oil blend (lavender and frankincense).  

The Minty Raw Honey Neem Oil Pet Soap is simple and effective for dogs with sensitive skin.  This all-natural pet soap contains neem oil, which has a very distinctive scent that repells unwanted insects, such as fleas and ticks.  This gentle soap is free of chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or other unwanted ingredients for your precious pooch.

This soap also has the super antibacterial agent raw honey.  Ingredients include organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, neem oil, palm oil, raw honey, small amount of essential oils (peppermint, lavender), organic whole milk, h2o, sodium hydroxide.

Giveaway:  Chloemason Soap Company is giving TWO lucky readers a minty raw honey neem oil pet soap and a 1 oz. all weather bare paw balm & wax.

Giveaway open to the US only.

ONE entrant per household/IP address.  We will not tolerate cheating using multiple email addresses.

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  1. I would choose the Golden Rain Drop, An Activated Charcoal and Olive Oil Soap