Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fairy Garden Kit of your choice from Party'n With Plants Giveaway

The Fairy Garden Kits from Party'n With Plants are super affordable and so unique!  What a cute and crafty project to complete with a group of friends or the kids this holiday season!  Each kit includes enough for one garden or one person starting at just $10 each.  Purchase as many kits as you need and  each one will arrive with step by step instructions.

The Fairy Kit includes the following:

Plastic bowl (5 inches wide)
Gravel & dirt for your 1 succulent
3 bags of colorful moss
3 bags of gravel, 1 of each color (blue, white, brown)
1 bag of sand
2 mushrooms
1 fence (white or brown) made of real wood and wire to bend and shape
1 tinkerbell fairy
1 miniature bunny
1 miniature duck
1 miniature turtle
1 umbrella
2 minature ladybugs that have stickers on the back to stick them anywhere
1 SURPRISE miniature!

You have your choice of 1 Kit and Fake Plant (fake succulent) or 1 Kit and Succulent.  The real plant will arrive in a separate Dixie cup that needs to be stored in a window.  You will need to water it at least 1x before Christmas.

The adorable Unicorn Garden Kit comes with a real or fake succulent - your choice!  Your kit will include the following:

Plastic bowl (5 inches wide)
Dirt for your 1 succulent or fake plant
3 bags of colorful moss (pink, teal, lime green)
1 bag of brown gravel
1 bag of brown sand
1 bag of pink sand
1 bag of pink gems
1 bag of blue gems
1 butterfly (color will be a surprise)
2 candy lollipops
1 miniature unicorn
2 large diamonds and small diamonds
1 rainbow
1 fence (white or brown) made of real wood and wire to bend and shape
1 miniature ladybug that has a sticker on the back to stick anywhere
1 stick and glue dots if you would like to hang the butterfly

Did you know that 90% of people have never made a fairy garden until now?  Party'n With Plants has reached 42 states with over 3,000 people making their mini gardens.  These fairy gardens are perfect for upcoming birthday parties, holiday gatherings, Christmas presents, and more!  Adults and kids of all ages will have a blast creating their one-of-a-kind garden.  They're priced at only $10-$15 each.  What a deal!

Giveaway:  Party'n With Plants is giving one lucky reader the Fairy Garden Kit of their choice.  You can choose from Fairy, Dinosaur, Unicorn, Mermaid or Zen Garden Kit.

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  1. Love the kit with the dinosaur but we especially love the bunny with it.

  2. hi love the fairy one for my family

  3. They are all adorable, but my favorite one is the fairy. Love the concept!

  4. I love the ocean one, but the others are very cute, too.