Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cat Shelf & Sisal Climbing Steps from Cosy and Dozy with Coupon Code

Your cat will love the Chill DeLUXE Wall Mounted Cat Shelf with cushion. Cats love to be up high and this shelf will satisfy their instinctual nature.

This shelf includes two universal size bolts that you can use to hang. Brackets are 16 inches apart so they can be attached to wall studs for maximum strength if you wish. The soft cushion snaps on so it will not budge when your cat moves around.

Watch this video to learn more:

There are four beautiful wood shades to choose from - maple, walnut, wenge and eco soaped beech.  You also have your choice of cushion colors - tweed, smooth and soft.

This shelf design is so smart, chic and simple.  It will compliment a variety of decor styles and your cat will love it!

The Sisal Climbing Steps are a fabulous addition to the CHILL and CHILL Deluxe Shelves. These can also be used like a scratching post. You can install them between perches to create a catwalk or a network of posts your kitty will love as their natural climbing and scratching tendencies will be embraced.

These floating, bracket-less sisal posts are handmade in Poland. The base is made of pine wood wrapped with natural agave sisal which cats adore. Cosy and Dozy is sure you will appreciate their quality and craftsmanship.

Posts come ready to mount with screws. If screwed into a wall stud, they are extremely sturdy and can hold 66 pounds.

Check out this video of Molly, their kitty, playing with the fun sisal posts.

Visit Cosy and Dozy today to see all of their amazing products for pets. Use the coupon code THEFUNKYMONKEY for 15% off valid until August 12, 2017.

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