Sunday, July 16, 2017

HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter Giveaway - 2 WINNERS!

The HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter cuts preparation time in half! Just when I thought I had perfected my barbecuing process, along comes the HomeRight ElectroLight. When I first started barbecuing, I used charcoal lighter fluid to prepare my briquettes. Soon after, I was introduced to the charcoal chimney which was more efficient and got my coals ready faster than using lighter fluid. From here on out, I’ll be using the Homeright Electrolight; when you’re perfecting racks of pork ribs or pork butt for 6-8 hours, any savings from preparation time is surely welcomed.  This tool is a game changer.

The unit itself looks like an oversized curling iron and utilizes a plug that requires a wall outlet to work. Once you have stacked your charcoal briquettes, depress the red button and touch the tip of the barrel to charcoal or wood. Once embers are visible, you pull the tip slightly away and an internal blower will continue to fan the flame. You can repeat this process on several areas of the briquette stack to get them ready for cooking quicker. Instead of letting my charcoal chimney heat up naturally for 30-40 minutes, I have the power to get my coals ready in half the time with my Homeright ElectroLight!

Want to cut the prep time of your briquettes? The Homeright ElectroLight needs to be in your barbecue tool arsenal. Check out HomeRight for more information as well as other innovative products. You can purchase their products from Amazon, Home Depot, and several other retailers.

Giveaway:  HomeRight is giving TWO lucky readers an ElectroLight!  An $89.99 value.

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  1. Great tool for a successful lite!! Would love to win your giveaway.

  2. Would love to try one thanks for the chance

    1. You're very welcome. A big thanks to HomeRight! Good luck!

  3. would love to have either the small or large spray tent.

  4. Oops! Y'all posted the tweet for the HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 in the "Tweet about the giveaway". Well, at least the first part of the tweet: WIN a @homeright SteamMachine Cleaner! Chemical Free! #giveaway #chemicalfree #steammachine

  5. small spray shelter can double as a picture booth for ebay stuff

  6. we've been charcoal grilling for the first time in over 20 years, I actually like the way foods taste so much more than gas - thanks for this chance