Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hey Dude Wally Woven Beige Shoes

The Hey Dude Wally Woven Beige Shoes are the ultimate in comfort with an easy-going, sophisticated style. My annual meeting for work necessitated a flight from sunny California to muggy Chattanooga, Tennessee. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during travel so I knew I had to wear a pair of shoes from Hey Dude. Despite my complaints from the warm weather and my rear being sore from sitting in the uncomfortable airplane seats, my feet felt like they were in heaven!

The Wally is Hey Dude’s best-seller and I can see why. Someone commented that I looked “rich” when I was wearing my Wally’s. I replied by telling them that my feet did feel like a million bucks. These shoes can be worn year-round, except when it is raining hard and you may need to walk through puddles. The woven material further adds to the comfort especially in the spring and summer. The Wally shoes are flexible and lightweight with a wide forefoot vamp that allows air circulation in the toe area keeping your feet fresh and dry.

Shoe specs as outlined on their site:

  • Ultra-light outsole
  • Flex and fold technology
  • 2 lacing options
  • Woven upper
  • Soft oxford cloth lining
  • Removable memory foam unsold
  • Machine washable (cold)
  • 5.5 oz. total weight

Hey Dude continues to add to their vast collection for men and women. Do your feet a favor, visit Hey Dude and pick out the shoes that best fit your style.

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Product provided from Hey Dude.  All opinions are my own.


  1. My 19 yoa son has a pair of these shoes and loves them. He likes the style, and that they're comfortable.

    1. Yes, Terra. This brand is awesome! Well made and very comfortable!