Monday, July 17, 2017

Growing Friendships by Eileen Kennedy-Moore & Christine McLaughlin

Back-to-school is around the corner and kids everywhere will be faced with new and exciting challenges, one of which is friendships.  Most kids struggle socially at some time in their life from bullying, having an argument with a friend or finding a new playmate in the classroom.  These struggles can be awfully painful to go through.

What if you could help your child ease their frustrations with a special book written just for them?  From psychologist and children's friendships expert Eileen Kennedy-Moore and parenting and health writing Christine McLaughlin comes a social development primer that gives kids the answers they need to make and keep friends.  

Growing Friendships is filled with more than 200 lighthearted cartoons that keep kids engaged.  This book features plenty of true-to-life examples with research-based practical solutions.  This wonderful book gives girls and boys the tools they need to make sense of friendship challenges.

This book is recommended for ages 6-9.  However, my 13-year-old daughter read this book in one night and informed me she highly recommends it.  As a teacher, I feel this book is a valuable resource for all school-age children when faced with perplexing friendship issues.  We all want our kids to build and maintain friendships in a positive way.  Growing Friendships is book that will speak to your child using humor and real-life situations. 

You can purchase Growing Friendships on Amazon here.

Product provided from Simon & Schuster.  All opinions are my own.

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