Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nature Anywhere Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder

Now you can bring nature right up to your windowsill.  This is the best gift for the nature lover in your life.  The Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder from Nature Anywhere is a premium quality bird feeder that sticks to your window.  The suction cups are strong and hold this nicely in place.  The handy sliding feed tray allows you to easily replace the seeds.  Each feeder is made with high quality, anti-UV plastic glass.  

Once out of the box, it's ready to use.  Just stick to your window and you're set!  This is wonderful for kids, too!  I think it's safe to say indoor cats appreciate it also.

You can purchase this at Nature Anywhere and at over 50 retailers in the U.S.  With their 100% money back guarantee, you can't go wrong.  Just return it and they will refund every penny or replace it if there is a problem.


  1. Great idea!

    Do you have a link to their store?

    1. Yes, the link is in the blog post. ;)