Thursday, October 13, 2016

Post-it Brand

My life would not be complete without Post-it Brand products.  I use their sticky notes in my classroom, at home and in my car.  Now that my kids are in 7th and 9th grade, they are starting to jump on the Post-it Notes bandwagon, too!  They are so great for homework reminders, important dates, etc.  They're also very helpful tools for my students.  We use them to write one thing we've learned after a lesson and they love adding them to our chart.

I was especially excited to see their awesome Post-it Metallic Notes Cube.  The super sticky notes and lined note paper Post-it Notes also come in handy when you need a bit more space to write on.

Post-it Brand has everything from cute shaped notes such has paw prints and cupcakes to weekly calendars and even dry erase surface rolls and sheets.  I love seeing all of the fun color collections this company comes up with.  Their sticky notes add such a fresh pop of color that instantly brightens my day and keeps me organized.

Products provided from Post-it Brand.  All opinions are my own.


  1. You have given me an idea for Christmas gifts for one of my college granddaughters. Thanks.

    1. Fabulous! They make great gifts, Leona! Terrific idea.