Wednesday, July 13, 2016

3-pack set of Fullips and Nexsey Giveaway - 3 WINNERS!

Fuller lips without injections?  Yes please!  The Fullips All Three Multi-Pack features a new ultra-lightweight modern design.  You asked and this company answered!

Get your hands on all the benefits of their three sizes in this one convenient multi-pack.  This includes the large round, medium oval, and small oval lip enhancers.  These three sizes will give you the flexibility to target a specific area or obtain an overall lip fullness.

The large round allows you to achieve an overall lip fullness encompassing both the top and bottom lips. The medium oval allows you to target larger areas of your lips at a time.  It's also great for women with smaller mouths or thin lips.  The small oval allows you to really pinpoint and target specific areas of your lips for shaping and evening out the lip line.

Results vary per individual.  Most users experience results from 1 to 4 hours.  Watch the demo below and read their tips for best results.

All of their products are made from food grade plastic and FDA approved colorant, manufactured and packaged by two great companies in the USA.

Introducing Nexsey.  This medical grade tape is designed for use as a temporary way to tighten wrinkles on the neck.  The 10 ft. roll can be cut to your personal desired length.

While 5-6 inches is the average length found to be most useful, any variety of lengths can be used based on your own needs.  This roll should be good for 20 single uses based on the average 6 inch strip.  The 1 inch width of the Nexsey tape fits most needs, but can also be used placing one strip on top of another.  The easy peel backing allows for easy prep and application.  

Please note:  This product does contain latex.  If you have allergies to band aids, adhesives or medical tapes, please do not use this product.  If you have skin problems or other injuries or medical problems please check with your doctor prior to using this product.

Giveaway Time:  Fullips is giving THREE lucky readers a 3-pack set of Fullips and a Nexsey!

Giveaway open to US only.

ONE entrant per household/IP address.  We will not tolerate cheating using multiple email addresses.

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