Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bouncy Bands: Wiggle While You Work

I am a Special Education teacher and a big fan of Bouncy Bands.  These inexpensive and innovative bands allow students to move while they work at their desk.  Students can bounce their feet, stretch their legs or rest their feet.  

I have seen a big improvement in my student who uses Bouncy Bands.  I knew a yoga ball would not be the best option for my student, but Bouncy Bands were worth a try.  I'm happy to announce that they work wonders.  His Bouncy Bands help him stay engaged and relaxed.  We have them on his desk and chair to help re-energize and refocus.  They are also very sturdy, quiet and easy to install.

87% of students surveyed reported that Bouncy Bands help them feel calmer when they take tests.  With the increased pressure of high stakes testing, imagine how many students this would help!  If you're a teacher, check them out today!  If you're a parent, maybe Bouncy Bands would help your child in his/her classroom.  Ask your teacher for permission to give them a try.

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