Saturday, April 30, 2016

808 Audio Canz Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

808 Audio CANZ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Rock out with your 808 CANZ out! These small speakers surprisingly put out a lot of sound with some thumping bass! This portable, take anywhere speaker go eswith me everywhere I need enhanced audio. From playing audio files for presentations with my clients, to shredding the trails on my mountain bike on the weekend, the 808 CANZ don’t miss a beat.

Like most laptop computers, the speakers aren’t audible enough if there is a hint of background noise. I travel extensively to meet with clients and found out quickly that my laptop speakers need help in enhancing the audio in my presentations. The 808 CANZ is about 2/3 the size of a soda can, weighs a scant 7.9 oz and can easily be carried in a day/computer bag. The provided Aux-in cable plugs into the 3.5mm audio output on my laptop for instant audio enhancement.

When it’s time to play in my favorite mounting biking trails, I bring my 808 CANZ and put it in a mesh pocket on my CamelBak. I can seamlessly connect my iPhone 6 to the 808 CANZ through Bluetooth and adjust my volume and flip through my playlist on my phone. It’s loud enough to enjoy the music, but not too loud that you cannot hear any potential hazards that may come along your path.

The 808 CANZ is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. They are available in several anodized colors to fit your personality from black, blue, white, silver, and purple. The charge lasts from 2.5-3 hours when you play your music loud and 5-6 hours on normal volume. Bluetooth range is a respectable 30 feet and comes with a 1-year warranty. An LED pairing indicator on the unit ensures that you are ready to pair with your device. These speakers are available at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon and many other retailers.

Bottom Line: Looking to enhance your audio in a small package that’s also easy to use? Give the 808 CANZ a close look. Check out 808 Audio for more details as well as other awesome audio products.

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