Sunday, March 6, 2016

Post-it Brand: Celebrating 35 Years!

Mothers, teachers, business owners, students....the highly recognizable Post-it Note has changed the way we organize.  Post-it Brand products are a true lifesaver.  Getting organized is always at the top of my list at home and in my classroom.  My daily routine would not be successful without Post-it Notes.

This amazing brand is celebrating 35 years of organization and productivity.  The iconic Post-it Note never goes out of style.  The original canary yellow 3x3 Post-it Note from 1980 has evolved into a colorful assortment of products that transform lives by making communication easy, fast and friendly.

The Post-it Brand Word of Color collections are inspired from the style and cultures of nine exotic destinations around the world.  Post-it Brand flags, tabs and notes continue to keep us organized and on top of our game.

I was sent a wonderful assortment of Post-it Greener Notes, Post-it Super Sticky Notes and Post-it Flags.  I use so many Post-it Notes daily.  Being a mother is hard work, and I need to keep appointments and grocery lists in check.  As a teacher, Post-it Notes keep my lesson plans in order as well as give my students something fun to write on for exit tickets.  The durable Post-it Flags sure do come in handy when sending home IEP paperwork. Any Special Ed teachers out there?!  You know what I mean!

What do you use Post-it Brand products for?  Join them in celebrating 35 years of organization!  Thank you Post-it Brand for your innovative products.  Keep them coming!

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Product provided from Post-it Brand.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Don't know what I'd do without posting! I have them all over my house and in my car!! LOL

    1. Yes! I have them all over my desk in my classroom! The car! I should start doing that!