Thursday, March 31, 2016

Budsies: Turn your child's drawings into custom stuffed animals

Here is a company you all need to know about....Budsies!  Now you can turn your child's drawing into a custom stuffed animal.  How cool is that?!  Kids and parents love this!  Don't hesitate to get creative.  Budsies can do it!

Here is my daughter's drawing that we uploaded to the company below.

It's so easy to place your order.  Upload your completed drawing or selfie to their website.  There you will be asked specific information regarding your creation - colors, features, etc.

Your Budsie will ship within five weeks.  All of their stuffed animals are made from safe, hypoallergenic material.  I love that I received email updates letting me know the status of my order.  I always knew what was happening with my daughter's Budsie and when it would ship via FedEx.

Just look at what arrived in the mail! 

You will definitely want your child to enjoy this magical experience.  I can't say enough great things about this company.  You and your child will have loads of fun!  Treasure your child's art with Budsies.

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