Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Funky Monkey Favorites

Do you have a teen that deals with anxiety?  Once Upon a Zombie: Book One, The Color of Fear, will help your child understand that they can overcome their fears, even when they seem overwhelming.  This hardcover book offers a twist on favorite fairytales that will keep readers engaged and wanting more!  The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves!  

In ONCE UPON A ZOMBIE: Book One, The Color of Fear (The Toon Studio
Press, October 2015, hardcover) Caitlin Rose Fletcher has fallen
(literally) into a bizarre underground world where she finds herself
up against an evil queen who has zombified some her favorite fairytale
heroines, including Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty. Caitlin
is their only hope for undoing the evil queen’s curse and returning
them to full life. But first, she’ll have to learn how to manage her
anxiety and overcome the panic attacks that frequently leave her
gasping for breath. “In this story, the zombie is a metaphor for the
anxiety that can leave us unable to act and take charge of our lives,”
says co-author Billy Phillips. In the underground world there are two
kinds of zombies: the grotesque Blood-Eyed, who are at the mercy of
their own flesh-eating impulses and Royal Blooded, who maintain their
beauty and nobility because they can resist their worst impulses. If
Caitlin is going to steer clear of becoming the first she must try to
emulate the second and take control of her irrational fears.

ONCE UPON A ZOMBIE is a zombie tale for the age of anxiety. By using
the popular image of the zombie Phillips and co-author Jenny Nissenson
prompt us to reckon with how anxiety can impact our lives and how we
can overcome it. “We aren’t saying get rid of fear because some fears
are helpful—even lifesaving, but others can rob of us our ability to
act and render us like zombies. Those are the ones that Caitlin has to
overcome and what we hope kids will take away from this book is that
they can overcome anxiety and be the hero of their own story,” says

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