Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nuwoods: Genuine Wood Designer Cases for Smartphones

Nuwoods Designer Cases for Smartphones – Exotic styling and ultimate protection!  I absolutely LOVE my Nuwoods case for the iPhone 6.  I have the Aromatic Cedar and the Padauk and both have elicited compliments from friends as well as strangers. Not only do these cases look good, they also offer the ultimate protection from scratches, dings, and dents.  In the past, I have had to make compromises when it comes to protection due to the case design.  With the Nuwoods case, there is no part on my phone that risks damage since only the ports and screen is exposed.

The design and marksmanship on the Nuwoods Designer Cases is second to none!  The wood itself is top notch and what you would expect if you were admiring an expensive piece of furniture.  The rubber portion that surrounds the phone is fused flawlessly to the wood backing.  The sides also have checkering like what you find on a quality 1911 pistol ensuring the phone won’t slip from your hands.  Last, but not least, the case does not add unnecessary bulk to the phone and a super slim profile for the iPhone 6.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out such a quality case came from a father and daughter team out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I imagined this case would be found in high end boutique stores in New York or Beverly Hills.  The box it came in itself is very presentable and exudes high quality.  The unique works of art from the world’s most treasured exotic woods are sourced from suppliers certified with the Forest Stewardship Council who practice sustainable forest management.  Only 100% all natural finish and sealers are used in lieu of harmful chemicals.

Bottom Line:  If you’re looking for a quality case with exotic styling for your smartphone, Nuwoods has what you need for the iPhone, HTC, and Samsung.  Visit this Etsy shop to see their beautiful and exotic wood case designs for your phone.

Product provided from Nuwoods.  All opinions are my own.

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