Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Mini Remote

Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Mini Remote (Model MC100) – Portable, convenient, and easy to set up!  I’m a big fan of Chamberlain’s vast line of products and I’m very happy to have this mini remote.  I currently use the Chamberlain MyQ Garage opener which enables me to use my smartphone to control my garage. I can also monitor my garage to see if it is open or closed anywhere I go (previous review here).  

Recently, my family and I went on a weekend getaway and the Chamberlain Mini Remote came in handy. We have a remote pad to control the garage, but my father-in-law seems to always forget the code. I handed him the Chamberlain mini remote and he was thankful that he was able to get in and out of our house with ease!  

This mini remote comes with two buttons and can control up to two products to include a garage opener, MyQ lights, gate operator, and commercial door operator.  It works with various brands including the Craftsman garage opener I have from Sears.  Set up was a breeze and it only took 5 simple steps.  Just an FYI, Chamberlain may have an outdated setup instruction circulating.  Step 5 says to press and release the button after the garage is open.  However, you need to “press and release” AS the garage door is opening.

I can think of many different people who can use this product.  Motorcyle riders, fitness enthusiasts such as runners, walkers, joggers, walkers, cyclists, etc. will be happy with the remote’s portability due to its light weight and mini size at 2.25 x 1.25 inches.  Out-of-town guests, a house sitter, neighbor, nanny or even your own kids will also appreciate the easy access into the garage and/or turning on a light that is controlled by a Chamberlain MyQ Remote Light Control Module.

Bottom Line – Need easy access to your garage in a small portable package?  The Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Mini Remote is the solution!  It can also control lights in your home to ensure you and your family stay safe.  Available at Home Depot in the US and Canada with a retail price of $49.99.  Visit Chamberlain for other innovative and great products.

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