Monday, November 9, 2015

The Funky Monkey Favorites!

These Cube Mighties magnets from three by three are amazing.  They may be small, but they sure are strong!  These chromed magnets are made from rare earth (neodymium) that can hold 12 sheets of standard letter paper EACH!  WOW!  They're adorable, chic and come in a pack of 6 or 12. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for an office buddy, teacher, mommy, business owner...the list goes on and on.

How fun are these colorful brights?!  These vibrant Color Dot Magnets are great for the modern kitchen, classroom, office, dorm, locker...anywhere you can use a nice pop of color.  Each flexible magnet is made of anisotropic magnet, the strongest rubber magnet material.  Available in a pack of 15 and 30.  

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