Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stio Men's Divide Polo Shirt

Don’t forget Father’s Day is June 21st!  The Stio Men's Divide Polo has become my favorite polo shirt. Your outdoor loving, athletic dad would love this polo shirt as much as I do. I’ve had this Stio polo shirt for a little over a month now and when it’s time to go anywhere from traveling, hiking, or running errands with Susannah, it’s the shirt I wear.  I love how it keeps me comfortable and cool all day and it’s a great looking polo to boot! This company from Jackson Hole, Wyoming has definitely hit a home run with the Stio Divide. 

I am VERY picky about how my clothes fit, just ask my tailor! For some reason, polo shirts are either too long or too short in the arms and hem. One rule of untucking a collared shirt is the hem shouldn’t extend past ¾ down your zipper and this shirt passes with flying colors. Another gripe I have with many polo shirts is with the arm length; they’re either too long and reach the crook of the elbow or are too short and exposes too much of your triceps.  With the Stio Divide Polo shirt, I feel like Goldilocks, “Ahhh, this polo shirt is just right!"

This polo is comfortable to wear on a hike and civilized enough to wear on the golf course.  It is Stio’s Regular Fit (medium cut) and is roomier than trim, but designed with athletic performance and comfort in mind.  At 6oz it is lightweight with a reinforced split hem and chest pocket.  The stitching is perfect throughout the shirt and looks like it’s built to last.  Other stylish details include a heat transfer Pinecone logo on the left arm and laser etched Pinecone buttons. 

Made with 85% polyester and 15% cotton, this polo shirt also features UPF 15+ for sun protection and drirelease with FreshGuard.  Having sun protection built into the shirt is a plus.  When the temperature rises and you start to perspire, drirelease is a wicking technology meaning it pulls the moisture off your body, onto the shirt, and evaporates 4x faster than cotton keeping you dry and comfortable.  FreshGuard neutralizes odor keeping you smelling fresh all day long.  

I own the color Grisaille which is similar to charcoal, but the Stio Divide also comes in Biking Red, Blueprint, Deep Lake, Prince Blue, Russet Brown, and Tradewinds.  

Bottom Line  Want a perfect fitting polo shirt that looks good anywhere, keeps you comfortable and smelling good all day?  You need to get a Stio Divide Polo Shirt!  Check out Stio for other awesome clothing and accessories for the entire family!

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