Saturday, March 7, 2015

Giveaway: The Heart of Success Book - Personalized Signed Copy

The Heart of Success:  Growing Your Professional and Personal Life the Right Way by Keith Washo A must read for everyone who seeks success – from those just starting their careers to veterans!  I sure wish this book was available at the start of my career.  It would have helped pave the way on building my professional career the right way.   Instead, I’ve made numerous mistakes (and learned from them), but the lessons from this book would have helped me make wiser decisions.

College gives you the “golden ticket” in the form of a diploma, but unfortunately college may not teach you how to become successful in your career or how to balance your work and personal life.  Even thinking back when I was getting my MBA, I don’t recall having those kind of discussions.  In my opinion, if The Heart of Success is used as discussion in colleges, graduates will be more successful and feel fulfillment in their lives; this book is just that powerful!

Washo is well connected in the Silicon Valley with executives who are considered leaders in the tech industry.  This book features interviews with these executives and interestingly they all had a common theme on how they became successful.  You don’t have to be in the tech industry to appreciate the lessons taught in the book as the lessons apply universally in work and in life.  My wife is a teacher in Special Education and she has benefitted from the lessons in the book.  They have helped her in her professional and personal life as well.

I enjoyed the quotes Washo used throughout the book, which drove home the points he was trying to make.  It is such an easy and fun read and after each chapter there is an “Executive Corner” that summarizes the key points of the chapter.

I have been in the consumer product goods (CPG) industry for a bit over a decade with top Fortune 500 companies.  My current employer has recently sent me to seminars such as “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” and many others which costs thousands of dollars.  I found that all the seminars I had attended helped support my success professionally and personally.  I was surprised to find learnings from the previous seminars I had attended peppered throughout The Heart of Success.  Why pay thousands of dollars when you can get the main points in Washo’s book for $12.95?  The team I belong to in my company meets bi-weekly to discuss key learnings from books that will help us professionally.  The Heart of Success is one of the books we are planning on reviewing and I look forward to witnessing the enlightenment that my team will experience after reading this book.

About the Author:  Keith Washo lives in the Silicon Valley and is currently a Senior Director of Alliances at Vuzix Corporation.  He has an impressive resume and has worked for leading technology companies and start-ups.  His accomplishments include sharing a U.S. patent for digital audio and is the founder of a consumer electronics business.  He holds a BA in Broadcasting and Music from the State University of New York at Oswego, a master’s in Music Business and Entertainment Industries from the University of Miami, and also an Executive MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.  I had the pleasure of being in the same cohort as Keith at Saint Mary’s.  His inquisitiveness and the knowledge he shared during our classroom discussions helped elevate the cohort’s academic experience.  

Bottom LineThe Heart of Success by Keith Washo is a MUST READ for anyone looking to broaden their personal and professional life.  Those who read this book will learn important lessons that will help catapult them to success.  To learn more about Keith Washo, you can visit his website here.

Giveaway Time:  Keith Washo is giving away one personalized signed copy of The Heart of Success!  This book would make such a treasured graduation gift for your high school senior or college graduate.  It's so easy to enter.  Click HERE and complete these three simple steps - your name, email address and tell them The Funky Monkey sent you in the comment box!  Email addresses will not be shared.  Good luck and may success follow you!

Book provided from Keith Washo.  All opinions are my own.

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