Friday, March 20, 2015

Giveaway: CitySeat Bike Seat Cover - 10 WINNERS!

Are you tired of feeling like a sardine on the subway?  Do you long for the feeling of fresh air on your face?  Do you enjoy the freedom of riding a bike down the streets?  Dread the rain, sleet, dirt, sweat and the thought of sharing a seat with everyone else?  Don't fret...CitySeat is here to save the day.  This seat cover is designed for share ride bikes.

CitySeat is constructed from a proprietary blend of stretchable, waterproof fabric designed to keep you cool, clean and dry, all while contouring perfectly to the seat's shape.  It even rolls into itself as a 2 x 2 pouch.  CitySeats are made to perfectly fit share ride bikes in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Melbourne.  They also fit spin bikes!

The two styles below, the Labyrinth and Structure, add the perfect touch of style and help protect yourself and your clothing.  

Gone are the days of grocery bag covers.  CitySeat does more than just keep you fresh and dry.  When you purchase a bike seat cover online, they will donate a percentage of their sales to Recycle-A-Bicycle, the New York non-profit that "fosters youth development, environmental education, community engagement, and healthy living."

Giveaway Time:  CitySeat is giving 10 lucky readers a seat cover!  Five winners will receive the labyrinth and the other five will win the structure.

Giveaway open worldwide.

ONE entrant per household/IP address.  We will not tolerate cheating using multiple email addresses.

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  2. I just had to say thank you to your hosting this awesome cool product from #CitySeats How neat, pretty and a durable product for such a needed use in #bike riding :) Have a great Saturday

  3. Thank you for hosting this awesome cool product from #CitySeats They are fabulous and so cute! I love them.#bike riding.It would be wonderful to win one.