Sunday, March 1, 2015

Evoke Socks: Luxury Cashmere

EVOKE SOCKS: Luxury Cashmere – The comfort of cashmere, inspiring bold colors, and socially responsible; that pretty much sums up this sophisticated company.  I know cashmere is a luxurious wool sought after for its ultimate softness and rarity.  I wish I could’ve been introduced to Evoke Socks sooner, because they are now my most desired brand of dress socks.  I’ve never owned socks as comfortable, as bold in color, or that I didn’t have to continuously pull up because of the lack of elasticity in the the calf portion.

I love to spice up my wardrobe with something flashy and bold.  Fashion statements are made with a tie for most men.  I don’t wear a tie all the time so I use my socks to show off a bit of my personality.  Unlike other dress socks I’ve owned before – usually made from cotton – these socks stay comfortable even up to the end of a long day.  They also keep my feet dry with their natural wicking property of cashmere wool.  Made from 80% cashmere, 18% polyester, and 2% elastane, Evoke Socks uses this blend of materials to provide maximum durability and comfort.  

When it’s time to buy your Evoke Socks, there are three packages to choose from: The Rookie (2 pairs), The Professional (4 pairs), and The Veteran (6 pairs).  Which will color combinations will you choose?  You can also purchase their socks individually.  

Evoke Socks has a variety of stylish colors to choose from.  Not only will your feet be comfortable, you will also be helping contribute to charities.  Evoke Socks’ purpose is to raise awareness and funds to charities who fight to better our world.  This is commendable and I am happy to spread the word about their efforts.

Bottom Line:  Keep your feet comfortable all day with cashmere socks from Evoke Socks.  Don't be afraid to add some bold color to your life!  You’ll be proud to know that you are making a difference in making our world a better place with your sock purchase.  Check out Evoke Socks and find the statement socks your wardrobe is yearning for.

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 Product provided from Evoke Socks.  All opinions are my own.

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