Thursday, February 12, 2015

Micro Kickboard PedalFlow

No seat, no problem!  That's exactly what we say thanks to the awesome Micro PedalFlow.  This has become the most popular bike in our neighborhood.  My son's friends love to ride this!

The PedalFlow is the latest innovation from Micro.  I didn't even know a compact folding bike without a seat even existed!  The Pedalflow is really fun to ride and easy to carry.  Take this for a ride on short distances of 1 to 5 miles.  You'll get a nice workout in your glutes and abs.  Do you travel to work, class, or love going for a ride around town?  This folding bike will get all the attention.

At only 16 pounds, you can fold this bike up quickly for handy storage or for easy carry.  There are no gears or cables to worry about, and it has a backpedal brake.  The Pedalflow is suitable for all surfaces.  It looks just as cool as it is fun!

We're already experiencing some beautiful weather here in California so we immediately took this out for a ride.  My family had a blast with the PedalFlow at the park.  We had many people ask, "What is that?" We even let strangers take a test drive. They were so intrigued!  It's great for adults and kids!

Assembly was easy right out of the box.  All you need to do is fully inflate the tires and you're good to go! Thanks to Micro Kickboard, we've been told "we have the best gadgets in the neighborhood!"  

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