Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

As the new year approaches, The Funky Monkey wishes you all a very prosperous 2015.  Thank you for your continuous support.  We couldn't do this without you!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Giveaway: Aquis Gift Set - 3 WINNERS!

Product provided from Aquis.  All opinions are my own.

All women want healthy hair with less frizz and spit ends.  Now you can drastically cut your blow-drying time with the Aquis Essentials Hair Towels.  These super absorbent towels are available in Lisse Crepe and Waffle fabrics.  They are designed to absorb excess moisture quickly and gently over ordinary cotton towels.  You'll definitely see and feel the difference. These towels dramatically reduce my blow-drying time in the morning.  My daughter and I have long hair and we have benefitted greatly from these Aquis towels. If you air dry your hair, you will notice a vast difference in dry time, too!   Isn't it time to give your hair a rest from all of that heat?!

The ultra-absorbent Lisse Crepe Hair Towel measures 19" x 39" and is densely woven from ultra-fine microfibers for a soft smooth finish and feather-light feel.  Available in white, pink, and celadon.

The Waffle Hair Towel also measures 19" x 39" and features plush absorbency with supreme softness for a spa-worthy experience.  Available in white and linen.

Giveaway Time:  Aquis is giving THREE lucky readers a great gift set!  Each winner will receive:
  • Hair Turban
  • Waffle Hair Towel
  • Luxury Spa Robe
  • Exfoliating Wash Cloth
  • Exfoliating Wash Mitt

Giveaway open to US and Canada only.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Ryders Eyewear: Caliber Sunglasses

Product provided from Ryders.  All opinions are my own.

Ryders Eyewear Caliber Interchangeable Sunglasses – Ryders continue to provide high quality products at an affordable price. The Ryders Caliber Interchangeable sunglasses are no exception; with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses, a sturdy carry case, and a soft carry bag which doubles as a cleaning cloth, these sunglasses are a steal!

I love the sporty, wrap-around styling of these sunglasses.  I’ve used these for mountain biking, road biking, running, hiking, and shooting various firearms and they performed flawlessly.  The Calibers are also perfectly at home being worn anytime outside for sporting activities such as driving, picnics, and walking your dog.

The 3 sets of lenses that come with the Caliber is the selling feature; it’s like having 3 pairs of sunglasses in one!  Furthermore, I was amazed and impressed with the clarity the lenses.  I was so impressed, I had several of my friends and family put them on so they too can experience amazing clarity the lenses provide.  For overcast situations, I use the orange lenses which brightens the environment.  Sunny conditions require the grey lenses, which blocks bright light and provides 100% UV protection.  During night time adventures, I switch over to the clear lenses which maximizes vision and still keeps my eyes protected.

Polycarbonate lenses is the same material used in bulletproof glass making them shatterproof.  I trusted these at the gun range and they worked very well.  A couple of shells ricocheted onto the lenses and they didn’t even get scratched.  I’m a sharpshooter and I was right on target as usual; no distortion and optically correct. 

The frame is made from materials that make them durable, flexible, and light-weight resulting in a total weight of 32 grams.  Hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips securely grip your face preventing slippage even when your face is wet with sweat. 

Bottom Line – Looking for high quality sporty sunglasses with a wraparound frame that comes with 3 sets of lenses for various conditions?  Give these Ryders Eyewear Calibers a serious look!  At $69.99 MSRP, you’ll also be getting a great value.  Visit Ryders Eyewear for more information and check out all their other exciting product offerings for the new year.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays

We will be taking some time off to spend with our family and will return on December 29th.  Until then, we wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites!

My daughter LOVES fruit and was so ecstatic when the Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps arrived at our doorstep.  These fun fruit crisps are made with 100% real fruit and nothing else.  There are absolutely no additives or preservatives.  I tried them myself and they are super tasty.  Kids will love the Disney Fruit Crisps!  They're perfect for throwing in school lunches, purses or keeping some on hand in the car.  These convenient freeze-dried fruit snacks contain two full servings of fruit per pouch.  Purchase online or find a store near you here.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Find Your Inner Strength will remind you to think positive, find your inner resilience and help you count your blessings.  We are all stronger than we think.  In this book, you will read a collection of 101 stories from real people that have overcome challenges, solved problems or changed their lives for the better.  Use the power within you to change your life. Chicken Soup for the Soul books make the perfect gift!  We love that these books are making the word a better place one book at a time.

The OPI Gwen Stefani Mini Holiday Stars Nail Lacquer Gift Set would make one chic present.  These four colors are definitely Gwen worthy!  The set includes four knock 'em dead shades - Red Fingers & Mistletoes, What's Your Point-Settia?, I Carol About You and Kiss Me - Or Elf!  OPI is known for their high quality nail polish, fashionable color selection and iconic names.  Their heavily pigmented lacquers are super rich, long-lasting and chip resistant.  Surprise your girlfriends with OPI this year!  Stuffed in a stocking or wrapped up with care, they're the no-brainer gift every woman will love.    

Want lashes that look natural, but give you the fullness you desire?  The Are Those Real? Lashes from Velour Lashes are the most natural of them all!  These are specifically are designed for everyday wear, with the mink sparsely distributed along the lash.  Although less dramatic, they still pack a punch in terms of its medium length.  Everyone will be wondering....are those real? Hmm.....maybe...maybe not. Your lashes will arrive beautifully packaged in a lovely box.  Visit Velour Lashes today to find the perfect pair of lashes for you!

Moisturize your dry skin this winter with the Filthy Rich Face Cream from Camp.  This cream contains a wealth of antioxidants and vitamins.  You skin will feel the moisture from the nourishing, non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) mango butter, shea butter and macadamia nut oil.  Rosehip seed, evening primrose and borage oils will help to improve your skin's elasticity, tone and radiance. This cream does not have a strong smell which I can appreciate in a face cream.  When I go to bed, I don't want a strong scent lingering on my skin.  Try this good for your face cream from Camp.  It contains no nasty parabens and comes in a nice glass pot.  A little goes a long way so this will last you a very long time.

I've learned so much since reading through The 2015 World Almanac and Book of Facts!  My son loves to learn about the thousands of facts and statistics that are not publicly available, too.  This essential household and workplace desk reference is "the most useful resource book known to modern man," according to the L.A. Times.  Since 1868, The World Almanac and Book of Facts has become the best-selling American reference book of all time!  Grab one today!  It really makes a unique Christmas gift.

Talk about yum!  The Hatch Fiesta Mix from SunRidge Farms is so tasty.  I want to reach for this every time I feel the munchies coming on.  This flavorful mix contains all natural dry roasted cashews, almonds, sesame sticks, garden veggie chips and pretzels that are carefully seasoned with just the right amount of Hatch Green Chile seasoning.  It's mildly spicy, but not so much that you'll be running for the water.  Check the bulk bins in your local natural grocery to try this delicious mix.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meili & Grace: Anti-Aging Pillowcase

Product provided from Meili & Grace.  All opinions are my own.

I'm sure you've heard of the benefits of silk pillowcases.  Take it from me, I highly recommend you try them for yourself.  The Anti-Aging Pillowcase from Meili & Grace would make an excellent Christmas gift this year for your mother, sister, cousin, aunt, best friend....everyone will love it!

I've had the pleasure of trying this and I'm addicted.  Once you experience this 100% fine silk, you'll never go back to your old pillowcase again.  This unique pillowcase reduces your wrinkles and helps prevent new ones from developing.  Plus, it does wonders for your hair, too!

Did you know that your cotton pillowcase is giving you wrinkles?  Cotton creases your skin while you're sleeping.  Wake up with crease-free skin!  Forget restless nights with hot pillows.  Silk has a natural built-in cooling effect that will keep you cool and comfy all night long.  This silk pillowcase reduces bed-head, hair breakage and split ends.  Cotton pillowcases twist and pulls on your hair.  I have long hair and wake up with less tangles and smoother hair.

This anti-aging pillowcase gives your night moisturizer a boost.  Cotton soaks up your night cream and draws moisture from your face causing premature aging and wrinkles.  The Meili & Grace pillowcase helps your night moisturizer stay on your skin so you wake up with smooth, younger looking skin.

The soft luxurious thread from the silk cocoon woven by the silk worm contains 18 amino acids. Amino acids have been known as the "building blocks" of the body.  How can someone not want to try one after reading all of that?  I'm a true believer in these ultra-luxurious 100% silk pillowcases and highly recommend to anyone who cares about healthy, younger looking skin.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Corner House Graphics: Personalized Subway Art

Sponsored post from Corner House Graphics

Need the perfect gift for a wedding or teacher?  Corner House Graphics has just what you need to make your recipient feel like a million bucks.

The Personalized Teacher Subway Art would make the PERFECT Christmas or end of the year gift. It's colorful, fun and says it all!  This print will be emailed to you.  No printed product will be sent. No worries about it arriving in time for the holidays.  Print it out, frame it and watch your teacher smile from ear to ear!  Plus, it's only $5.99.  Talk about affordable.

This Personalized Anniversary Wedding Subway Art is a great way to commemorate the special day. Measures 8x10 and will be emailed to you.  You are able to choose three colors from their huge variety of colors.

Personalized gifts really show you care.  Surprise them this year with a memorable print from Corner House Graphics.  Visit them today to see all of their awesome designs.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Smashbox: Always Sharp Lip Liner

Product provided from Smashbox.  All opinions are my own.

I've finally found lip liners in a beautiful assortment of shades AND they don't require sharpening!  Is it just me or do all of my lip liners that require sharpening break every single time!  I no longer have to hassle with that anymore.

The water-resistant Always Sharp Lip Liner from Smashbox is amazing.  They are long-wearing and self-sharpen every time you twist the cap off.  Genius!  The tip is like new with every application. They glide on the lips nicely without tugging at your skin.  With its precise tip, you'll always achieve the perfect line.

There are 16 shades that are perfectly matched to their Be Legendary lip colors.  Pair them with their lippies or wear the liner alone.  From nudes to rich reds, your pout will never look prettier!

Giveaway: Bemo - The New Social Camera

Product provided from Bemo.  All opinions are my own.

Have you heard of Bemo - The new social camera for endless fun?!  We're thrilled to share this little camera that's designed to fit in the palm of your hand and shoot with a single touch.  Each portable camera is water-resistant and comes in three fun colors - moroccan red, manhattan black and mykonos blue!  Clip it on, wear it with the lanyard, or slip it in your pocket.  


It's time to capture the everyday moments that really count.  Take high quality video with one-touch recording.  Download the Bemo app (iOS only) and you're ready to get started personalizing and editing your short movie right on your iPhone or iPad.  Enhance your clips with music, filters and titles with font choices.  When you're done, share it on the go!  Upload your clip to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.  

The Bemo does not have viewfinder, but I had no problem shooting the footage I wanted.  The maximum record time is one minute per clip.  The Bemo is so small and lightweight at only 3.6 inches long.  The Bemo comes with a 4GB microSD card that will store up to three hours of footage. When you transfer the videos to your device, they are removed from the card.  Create your movie from different clips by dragging and dropping to a filmstrip at the bottom of the screen.  You are able to trim your video, arrange your clips and remove the footage you don't want.  

I really feel this camera captures your candid moments.  Point, shoot and edit.  Your memories will never look so good!  Check out some Bemo clips here.  Need a Christmas gift for the one that has everything?  The Bemo is your answer.

Giveaway Time:  One lucky reader will win their very own Bemo!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Giveaway: Landon Lacey Clear Crystal Hexagon Necklace - 3 WINNERS!

Product provided from Landon Lacey.  All opinions are my own.

Landon Lacey is one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops.  I've been on the hunt for delicate layered necklaces and this is my go-to-shop.  Plus, they are handmade with the utmost care.

The chic Gold Crystal Y Necklace looks so great paired alone or with other necklaces from Landon Lacey. This simple and modern necklace features a gold-leaf crystal on a delicate gold-filled chain. You choose the length that suits you at checkout.  The length on the model above is 24"  with an extra 3" chain drop.  

Here you can see that I wear this with a casual everyday look.  This crystal necklace can easily be dressed up or down.  It's definitely one of my favorites in my jewelry collection.

The Simple Gold Charm Necklace with Clear Framed Glass Focal Piece are perfect for bridesmaids. This beautiful sparkly glass pendant looks great with anything.  Layered or worn alone, this classic necklace with gold-filled chain can be made in any length.  I get so many compliments on this simple and stunning piece.

Every piece of jewelry will arrive in a lovely organza bag ready for gift giving.  These one-of-a-kind necklaces will make beautiful Christmas gifts this year.  Classic jewelry never goes out of style.

Giveaway Time:  Landon Lacey is giving THREE lucky readers a Hexagon on Gold Chain Necklace!  Features a clear crystal hexagon with anti-tarnish gold layered bezeling.

Giveaway open to US only.

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Holiday Photo Cards from Pear Tree Greetings

Sponsored post from Pear Tree Greetings

When I think of the holiday photo cards from Pear Tree Greetings, classy, chic and fun come to mind. With real foil accents, trendy fonts and clever designs, you'll fall in love with so many different styles.

The Mixed Font Greeting has it all.  The mixed font text is editable so you can change it to say anything you like!  Move the text around, change the color, change the pattern....personalize and make these your own!  

The Fa La La Foil Folded Christmas Cards features a collage of photos and colors - 16 photos total! Use their auto fill feature to pop all 16 photos in one click!  They are all perfectly sized to to make the most of your Instagram and mobile-sized photos.  You can even edit the fun little sayings in each colored box.

Take advantage of their awesome sale going on right now!  Ends 12/14.

Made USA Store: Personalized Karate Belt Display

Product provided from Made USA Store.  All opinions are my own.

Show off those accomplishments with this one-of-a-kind display.  Talk about quality.  This gorgeous Personalized Karate Belt Display is a true work art.  I cannot wait to surprise my son with this beautiful handmade display in red oak.

You can have your first and last name engraved at no extra cost.  This solid wood custom engraved dragon martial art belt display is proudly made in the USA and will hold 10 standard 1 3/4" sized belts. The engraving on our display is absolutely flawless and the overall design is so clever - just look at that dragon!  You will be proud to have piece this in your home.  Its classy design works for all ages from kids to adults.

Your display will come with a lacquer and danish oil finish to ensure that the wood is sealed and protected.  The display is made to order and comes fully assembled.  This Etsy shop offers the greatest customer service and is committed to delivering a quality product. Shipping was fast and I was more than pleased with the craftsmanship.

Available in red oak, walnut and maple.  All three are simply gorgeous.  Find the one that is best for your space.  Head on over to this Etsy shop to purchase one today for Christmas!  It's guaranteed to be a gift they will treasure forever.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wilsons Leather: Black Rivet Distressed Open-Bottom Leather Jacket with Zippered Cuffs

Product provided from Wilsons Leather.  All opinions are my own.

Wilsons Leather: Black Rivet Distressed Open Bottom Leather Jacket with Zippered Cuffs – Classic moto styling, slim modern fit! I have been looking for a leather jacket that exudes “badass” that also fits like a nicely tailored blazer. Before going to Wilsons Leather, I had been looking for leather jackets at department stores. The styles and sizes I found at department stores left much to be desired. Looking back, I should have gone straight to Wilsons Leather and I would have found exactly what I wanted.

I visited the local Wilsons Leather in Livermore, CA and was impressed by their selection and extremely helpful and friendly sales associates. I explained to one of the associates what I was looking for and he directed me to the exact jacket I described. In fact, he was wearing the same brand – Black Rivet – and he told me how he loved the comfort and styling of his jacket. Truthfully, I had never heard of Black Rivet, but after speaking with him I was sold.

The Black Rivet leather jacket features with zippered cuffs, full-zip front, and moto collar with snap closure. I have the chestnut color style BK3A3185.  It has an open-bottom design which boasts a streamline banded hem, cuffs, and collar. Pockets are aplenty: two horizontally zippered outside chest pockets, two open hand pockets, and two inside chest pockets. Banded waist with faux belt detail with side snaps add to the jacket’s style.

The shell is genuine leather which feels buttery soft to the touch. The lining is quilted and made from 100% cotton, which keeps me toasty warm. Sleeves and filling are made from 100% polyester; I love how my arms just slide right into the jacket’s sleeves no matter what long sleeve top I am wearing. I intend to own and enjoy this jacket for a very long time.  Quality at its finest.

Bottom Line: Looking for a moto-style leather jacket with classic styling, but a slim modern fit? Black Rivet from Wilsons Leather should be at the top of your list! Check out Wilsons Leather to see their vast leather goods offerings. You’ll surely find a leather jacket that fits your personality and

This leather jacket is 30% off right now!  Be sure to read all of the positive reviews on the Wilsons Leather website for this particular style. We love it and so does everyone else.  Available in brown and grey. Get it here.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

London Manori: Halo Earrings

Product provided from London Manori.  All opinions are my own.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend.  And you'll realize that's undeniably true after seeing these beauties.  Find a spot for these Halo Earrings from London Manori on your Christmas list this year.

Sparkly, classic, timeless....these round cubic zirconia sterling silver, rhodium finish post earrings can be dressed up or down.  They're the perfect size to make a statement without being too dressy for daytime.  They're well designed and look just like the real thing for a fraction of the price.

These Halo Earrings will arrive in a pretty little gift box ready for gift giving.  Surprise a loved one with a sparkly pair of jewels this season from London Manori.

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The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

Here is a sweet book with a Christian message that will help you and your children remember what Christmas is really about. 

At Santa's workshop, the night before the night before Christmas is hardly a time to rest.  The elves work tirelessly to get the final toys made before Christmas Eve, but Elfie just can't keep pace.  He spends too much time making his toys perfect, and when Santa comes to check on production, everyone is surprised by his reaction.

The first thing that stood out to me are the beautiful illustrations throughout the book done by Darren Geers.  What talent! As a teacher, I can really appreciate the artwork that helps this book come to life. It's breathtaking and will capture your child's imagination.  My daughter really enjoyed reading this book and the positive message behind it - always do your very best! 

We hope you consider this book for Christmas this year.  The Night Before the Night Before Christmas will surely become a Christmas classic in your home.  

Help support indie authors. This book is available for purchase on Amazon here, and while you're there, be sure to read all of the positive reviews.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Santa Giveaway ~ Retail Value $412!

You will definitely create childhood memories with this indoor or outdoor swing.  This exclusive child's size swing from Rosedale Swing Company measures approximately 18" x 8" x 2" and is made from natural, traceable, renewable and sustainable resources.  It's perfect for precious little people from 2 to 8 years of age.  It can be engraved with a name, birth date or message.  Natural manila ropes are handspliced and knotted with safety in mind.  Ropes measures their standard 10' from top to seat.  Custom rope lengths are available.  

Fit for a princess!  This Fairytale Personalized Charm Necklace sparkles and shines.  This comes with an arrow, unicorn, crown, mini personalized initial or number star, a crystal bezel set in sterling silver and a birthstone silver circle charm that can be personalized with an initial or number.  They are all placed on a diamond cut ball chain to add even more sparkle.  This showstopping piece will bring back all of your favorite childhood dreams.  Customize this for a loved one this Christmas. Your necklace will arrive ready for gift giving in a plexiglass box wrapped in tulle.

Clean like a pro!  The SteamMachine Plus multi-purpose steam mop from HomeRight is perfect for quick, daily, chemical-free cleaning.  This multi-purpose steam mop heats up quickly and features a detachable hand-held steamer.  The included 6 attachments are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting stovetops, ovens, grills, countertops and bathrooms.  The 205 degree temperature steam at nozzle kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph.  The handle folds down for easy storage and also features an on-demand steam trigger on handle, plus a cord wrap.  The floor mop and pad features a swivel triangular mop head for added maneuverability.  Use this mop to disinfect your hard floor surfaces, such as laminate, hardwood, tile, stone, vinyl and linoleum.

What a darling way to decorate this Christmas!  This mini banner is handmade with love and comes with the dowel and twine so it's ready to hang as soon as you receive it.  This banner is so light in weight, it can hang on a thumbtack.

 Cord Buddy - $9.95

Everyone needs a cord buddy in their life!  Now you can keep your cord off the floor.  These clever holders will keep your cell phone, bluetooth and other gadget cords in place.  Your cord won't fall behind your desk, table or dresser!  What a genius idea!  Available in a variety of designs.  Take advantage of their awesome buy one get one and free shipping offer above!

Project Repat - T-Shirt Quilt In a Box Gift Certificate (Full Size) - $124.99

Take all of those old t-shirts you have and turn them into a memorable quilt!  This holiday season you can join thousands of other Americans and give your loved one the opportunity to preserve their t-shirt memories forever.  You will receive a gift box with their social and economic impact report.  This is one unique gift and it helps create jobs in the USA.  Inside the box, you will receive a large envelope with a prepaid shipping label to ship your shirts to them and an order form inside that allows the person you are giftng to put in their return address.

Casetify - Custom Phone Case - $40+

Dressing up your phone has never been so fun!  Casetify offers the best looking phone cases in a ton of awesome designs.  You can even customize your very own case to suit your unique personality!  Choose your device, layout/template and filter.  The customization process is so fun and easy to do.  With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find one that you love.

Picture It Personal - Personalized Carved Tree Print - $21+
Cyber Monday Sale - $15.75+!

How sweet is this?  There's no need to hurt a tree.  Just let this Etsy shop digitally "carve" whatever you wish into the beech tree in this original photograph.  There is plenty of room for names and/or dates.  This is a romantic gift for newlyweds or add children's name for a one-of-a-kind Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.

One lucky reader will WIN all of the prizes below!  A total retail value of $412! A HUGE thank you to all of the participating companies.

If any prizes are different than the products featured above, the links are included.  You must complete all mandatory entries first before unlocking the optional entries for more ways to win! 

Rosedale Swing Company - 5 Aromatic Ceder Sachets 
Little Miss Pepper Designs - $50 Gift Certificate to their Etsy shop
HomeRight - SteamMachine Plus 
Fishout Store - Santa, Please Stop Here Banner 
Project Repat - T-Shirt Quilt In a Box Gift Certificate (Full Size) 
Casetify - Custom Phone Case for any device
Picture It Personal - Matted 8x10 Personalized Print of your choice
Cord Buddy - Shamrock Cord Buddy  

Giveaway open to US only.

ONE entrant per household/IP address.  We will not tolerate cheating using multiple email addresses.

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