Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Asurion: Are you protected?

Sponsored post from Asurion

October is protection month.  As you plan your holiday spending, do you know if product protection is right for you?  Asurion wants to protect the things that make YOU.  Whether it's a laptop, tablet, television, appliances or portable electronics, the Asurion protection plan works, but only if you have one.

According to Asurion 2013 claim data, more laptops, digital cameras, video game systems and TV's experience issues in November than any other month.

  • Cameras:  47% increase
  • Notebook PC's:  35% increase
  • TVs:  $25% increase
  • Video Gaming Systems:  51% increase

Did you know that having a TV plan can save you $343 or more in repairs or replacements?  That's savings every television owner should know about!  A laptop plan can save you downtime and $317 in unexpected repair costs.  Asurion's tablet plan can save you more than 1/2 of the cost of your tablet. Get the appliance plan and save on repairs, and you'll definitely want to keep your favorite headphones, camera, and gaming system protected and in good hands with their plan for portable electronics.

More than 1/2 of laptop failures occur within the first two years.  I had no idea!  I wish that I had known about Asurion when my laptop decided to quit on me.  It was unexpected and very inconvenient as I had work deadlines to meet and emails to respond to, not to mention a ton of photos and documents saved on the hard drive.

I could have filed a claim with Asurion in 3 easy steps on Asurion's solution hub.  I would have received easy, pre-paid shipping to one of their repair centers.  Most laptops are repaired within 2 days of receipt.  If a laptop is beyond repair, they will replace or reimburse you.  And of course, you will always receive real-time email updates.

Are you protected?  Be sure to visit ProductProtection.com and take the "How Will Your Stuff Die" assessment. Asurion will donate $1 to the Red Cross to provide support where the need is greatest for each prediction through November 3, up to $25,000.  Don't you just love a company that gives back?!  We sure do!  Visit Asurion today and see why they are America's #1 protection plan.

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