Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't miss any updates from The Funky Monkey!

Facebook is doing things differently now and so many of aren't seeing posts from pages you've liked. You don't want to miss out on awesome giveaways and products from The Funky Monkey, right?!?

Follow the easy two steps below to always see what we're up to:

Step 1:  Login to Facebook and go to The Funky Monkey's Facebook page

Step 2:  Hover over the "Liked" button (you've already liked us) and be sure to click "Get Notifications"

Voila!  You're done!!!  It's that easy and you'll never miss a post from The Funky Monkey!  

Do this for all the pages you never want to miss updates from.  You'll be surprised at how many of them you're not receiving due to the new way Facebook is working. 

We hope this helps!  

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