Monday, August 11, 2014

Born: Bainbridge Wingtip Shoes

Product provided from Born.  All opinions are my own.

Born Bainbridge Wingtip Shoes – These wingtip shoes are as stylish as they are comfortable! Shoes as
handsome as these are not supposed to be comfortable, but being they are made by Born, they are.
This is my third pair of Born shoes and I see similar qualities:  Beautifully Hand Crafted Detailing, Rich Premium Leather Materials, and Optimum Comfort.

The Born Bainbridge in the color mink is made from full-grain leather with an exceptional finish. They are specially treated to give an aged, time-worn patina which reminds me of shoes I used to admire of businessmen in the streets of San Francisco. They exude a sense of sophisticated
professionalism making it seem like the person wearing them has all the answers to any business

Comfort is second to none and is attributed to the Old-World Opanka hand-stitching technique which
what Born is known for. Skill artisans sew the upper, insole, and bottom of the shoe together instead of using glue to hold the shoe together. This allows for ultimate flexibility as the foot moves naturally
with the shoe. This also gives a “trampoline” effect since the shoes conform to your feet and rebound
with every step as if you have mini trampolines built into the soles.

True-to-size, it takes the guess work out of which size to buy with features such as: full-grain leather,
leather lining, rubber outsole, steel shank, Opanka hand-crafted construction and a heel height of 1 1/4
inches.  Available in mink, black, and marmotta suede.

Bottom Line: Looking for a pair of shoes that will turn heads, consider the Born Bainbridge in mink. Visit Born to check out their entire line of shoes for men and shoes and handbags for women. They also have quite a few new styles available and in stock 9/1/2014 that can be Pre-Ordered today!

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