Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pamela Grice Art: Waiting For You Pet Memorial Paintings

I purchased this gorgeous work of art for my dad recently.  We lost our beloved golden retriever, Zeke, and it still hurts to think he's not with us anymore.  He ended up losing his eyesight and ability to walk, but he never lost his sweet, gentle nature and love for his family.  He was a special member of our family. Rest in peace sweet Zeke.  We all miss you and know you're waiting for us.

If you have lost your best friend or know someone who has, I highly recommend the Etsy shop, Pamela Grice Art.  She has created Waiting For You paintings of different breeds.  They are all beautiful and will hopefully bring joy, hope and peace to your heart.  


  1. As soon as I opened your page and saw this, I eyes completely welled up. I lost my black lab, Sam, three years ago and I can still completely ball my eyes out thinking of him.

    1. I feel you completely, Alison. This shop also has lab paintings. We know our golden is waiting for us. Sam will be waiting for you, too! :)