Friday, June 13, 2014

Hey Dude Torino Suede Desert Boot

Product provided from Hey Dude.  All opinions are my own.

Hey Dude Torino SuedeDesert Boot in Navy – Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that made you happy?  I had never had this experience until now!  The Hey Dude Torino in Navy makes me happy each time I put them on my feet.  Originally worn by the British Eighth Army in the early 1940's in dry desert-like locations, the desert boot have evolved to be worn primarily in the fall according to men's style aficionados.  However, they are now acceptable wear for spring and summer.  For those who like to break the rules, winter time is also a perfect time to wear desert boots thanks to waterproof spray-on products.  Count on me to be one of these rebels!  When the skies are dark and gloomy, I'm prepared to wear my Hey Dude Torinos, which will surely put a spring in my step and brighten up my day.

"Comfort of a Shoe, Feel of a Slipper" is Hey Dude's motto.  Their shoes are comfortable to wear all day due to its light-weight Italian cow-suede construction and knitted cotton lining.  Flex-fold technology further allows for long wear comfort.  The Hey Dude Torino comes in gorgeous rich colors and earth tones that include beige, bruno, camo green, cement, chocolate, fume, navy, and wine.  I guarantee that at least a couple of pairs will easily match perfectly in your wardrobe!

Bottom Line:  You probably already have shoes in hues of blacks and browns.  Brighten up your shoe closet with one of  Hey Dude's Torino Desert boots!  Do your mood and feet a favor, visit Hey Dude and check out the vast product offerings that will fit your lifestyle!

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