Saturday, May 31, 2014

Help Support MOMease Baby Double Sipper Straw Cup: 2 Drinks In 1 Cup!

If you're a parent with a toddler, you're going to love the MOMease Baby Double Sipper Straw Cup!  
This 2 drinks in 1 cup is perfect for everyday use.  There is an innovative divider in the middle with a rotating lid!  This is great for all parents-on-the-go!

Cara is a stay at home mom who has a fantastic idea for a product, but she can't do it without support from Kickstarter.  This clever mom has a very strong willed 3-year-old daughter who always wants milk and juice or milk and water at the same time.  

Cara decided to invent a cup that can hold two liquids.  There is a divider in the middle of the cup and the top rotates allowing the child to choose which liquid they want to drink.  The straw is shut off on the side that isn't being consumed.  This cup is for ages 1 and up and will be lead, phthalate and BPA-free.  

Head on over to Kickstarter here today to learn more and help a mom out!  Her goal is to reach $25,000.  There are 34 days left and $1 is the minimum pledge.  

As parents ourselves, we support those who want to make difference in the lives of children and parents. We wish Cara all the success in the world!  We're so happy to see you turn your dreams into reality!  Good luck!  We can't wait to see the MOMease Baby Double Sipper Straw Cup on shelves soon.

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