Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cardiff Skate Co. ~ A New Way to Skate

Product provided from Cardiff Skate Co.  All opinions are my own.

Cardiff Skate Co. – Remember skating as a child and the joy it brought?  The Cardiff Skate Co. has brought that joy back into my life and now am sharing it with my 12 year old son. We love to spend time outdoors and we've been enjoying it on a pair of Cardiff Skate S1s. Unlike the skates of yesteryears, the Cardiff Skates' wheels are set up like a tricycle - one wheel in the front, two in the rear. They are very stable, and on our third outing, we felt like skating pros!

What makes Cardiff Skates revolutionary is you can use your own pair of casual or athletic shoes. Skater style shoes, like Vans, with a stiff sole worked best for us; they felt more stable and one with the skates.

Putting them on are a cinch and requires only 3 steps to enjoy:
  1. Pull the skates open 
  2. Step into the skates, which automatically adjusts to your feet 
  3. Strap and tighten the buckle and you're ready to skate! 
Watch this video to see these innovative skates in action.

All that speed will need to be controlled and the wheel on the heel is what slows you down. To engage, just lift up on one of your toes, while the rear wheels are touching the ground, and the friction will do the job. The higher you lift your toes, the quicker you stop. When it's time to end the fun, loosen the toe strap by pulling on the lever, lift your toe out, and pull your heel out. So simple!

Looking at the skates themselves, you can tell they are quality made and designed with the consumer in mind. I wonder how many iterations it took to come up with the final product, because I cannot see how else these skates can be improved upon. The wheels roll smoothly, they fit my feet well, and they're very comfortable! Of course, the shoes you choose to wear will add to the comfort of your skating experience. There are two sizes, the Cardiff Skate S1 (medium to large size) and
S2 (small to medium size).

Bottom Line – Want to bring the joy of skating into your family's lives in the new millennium? Check out Cardiff Skate Co. and start making great memories! Skate responsibly, don't forget your safety gear such as helmet, knee, and elbow pads.

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