Monday, March 3, 2014

John Frieda Smooth Waves 2-Inch Jumbo Hair Setter, 5 Count

Product provided to me from John Frieda.  All opinions are my own.

I've been looking for a hair setter that will give my hair volume and soft waves, and I've found it.  The John Frieda Smooth Waves 2-Inch Jumbo Hair Setter does just that.  

I love using velcro rollers in my hair, but much prefer to use this jumbo hair setter in the morning.  The two minute fast heat up time is great and the five jumbo rollers with advanced ionic conditioning leave my hair soft and shiny.

The hair setter features a true ionic generator and titanium ceramic flocked rollers.  The rollers don't pull your hair out and the butterfly clips clamp nicely for a secure fit.  There is a low and high setting for temperature as well as a handy bag to throw all your clips into.

I have medium length hair that tends to get quite frizzy after blow drying.  I have to use the five rollers on half of my head and then repeat the process.  However, it's not too much of a hassle and the end result is luxuriously soft, silky, bouncy hair. This hair setter will not give you tight, spiral-like curls. You will be left with soft smooth waves.

Purchase from Amazon here and see the difference a quality hair setter can make!

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