Saturday, February 8, 2014

Giveaway: chARiTy elise designs Personalized Pottery Tray

Sponsored post from Charity Elise Designs

chARiTy elise designs is one of the most incredible artists I've seen on Etsy to date!  I love all of the whimsical, colorful pottery from this adorable shop.  If you're a foodie, food blogger or just love beautiful items for your home, you'll love this shop as much as I do.  Their handmade pottery would look phenomenal in food photography, too!

Their amazing Decorative Art Spoons are made to order.  These are made from bright white clay.  Each spoon is hand-formed, carved, stamped and then decorated with layers of colorful under-glaze and finished with clear gloss.

Although they are safe for food use, it is recommended that they be used with care and only for purposes where they will not come into repeated contact with hard surfaces.  They would work great for serving fruit sauce or a potato salad.  They are not intended for stirring things or digging out a portion of your mom's tuna casserole.  Use them gently or hang them from a little hook in your kitchen.  They would look amazing displayed!

These spoon measure 7.5" long and the bowl of the spoon is just under 2" at the widest portion.

Have you ever seen a cuter butter dish?!  The Woodland Butter Dish is such a unique piece of art.  It's one of this artist's favorite pieces to make, and I can definitely see why!  This playful dish adds a lovely amount of color in your kitchen.

This piece is meticulously handmade from white clay and is decorated with layers of color and texture. It is stamped, cut out, carved, shaped and painted in layered washes of glaze, some rubbed away.  The piece is covered in a clear gloss glaze.  It's completely handmade and no mold is used.  A sweet mama bird sits in her tiny nest nestled among a couple of toadstools which can also serve as a handle for the piece.

Wouldn't this make an excellent gift?  Your recipient would be delighted to receive such a unique and special piece.

Giveaway Time:  chARiTy elise designs is giving one lucky reader their very own Personalized Pottery Tray! This is made to order and can include names, dates, quotes, etc!

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  1. Charity is a sweet soul and I love her vibrant artwork!