Sunday, February 2, 2014

Giveaway: Argyle Socks For Men - 3 Pairs of your choice

Product provided from Argyle Socks For Men.  All opinions are my own.

Argyle Socks For Men - Finally, a company that offers stylish dress socks!  Most men don't think twice about their dress socks.  They're happy as long as they have a matching pair, have no holes, and don’t smell too bad.  Conservative men match their socks to the color of their pants or shoes.  Those who listen to the style Gods match their socks with their pants, but make sure it's a slightly different hue.  Bold, stylish men who are ready to take life by the horns wear colorful socks that match either their tie or dress shirt.  So for all you bold, stylish men let me introduce you to Argyle Socks for Men!

As a business professional, I see everyone wearing the same thing - khakis with a light blue dress shirt or slacks with a crisp white dress shirt, you get the point!  YAWN!  If they add a touch of color to their wardrobe such as a colorful pair of dress socks from Argyle Socks for Men, they would make life more exciting for themselves and everyone else!  It's not completely mens fault that they wear boring drab dress socks, just go into any men's sock section in a department store.  You'll see a sea of dress socks in hues of black, grey, brown, and tan.  Where the heck are all the exciting colors?  They're all in the women's section, that's where they are! 

GQ knows the latest in fashion.

Argyle Socks for Men are perfect for groomsmen!  They also offer dress and casual socks with varying prints and colors, thick winter socks, light summer socks, athletic socks, and also bow ties.  

Even our cat knows style when she sees it.

Bottom Line:  If you want to add some spice to your wardrobe by wearing exciting, colorful dress socks, visit Argyle Socks for Men.  Match their socks with your tie or dress shirt, and prepare to take on the world!

Giveaway Time:  Argyle Socks for Men is giving one lucky reader 3 socks of their choice!

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