Friday, January 10, 2014

Gimbal's Fine Candies: Lovers Line

Product provided from Gimbal's Fine Candies.  All opinions are my own.

Now that Christmas is over, stores have already begun stocking up for Valentine's Day.  Gosh, we move fast!

Gimbal's Fine Candies sent over some really tasty and cute gourmet treats from their Lovers Line for us to try out.  These candies are great year-round, but they would be especially cute for Valentine's Day this year.

Cinnamon Lovers - These are made with real cinnamon oil and burst with flavor.  They're the only gourmet cinnamon candy that finishes hot, hot, hot!  If you like heat, you'll love these addictive cinnamon hearts.

Cherry Lovers - These are my favorite of the bunch.  Who doesn't love cherry candy?  You'll find a delicious combination of juicy cherry flavors.  Made with real cherry juice and high in antioxidant vitamin C.  Chocolate cherry, bing cherry, cherry daiquiri and's like a bowl of cherries!

Sour Lovers - Pucker up for these sour candies.  Made with real fruit juice in twelve brand new, mouth-watering flavors.  You'll find meyer lemon and pomegranate, to mango, bing cherry, strawberry daiquiri and many more!  They're chewy, yummy and will make your mouth say wow!

I just love the texture of these candies.  They truly do taste gourmet.  Looks like I have a new favorite brand of candy!  Shop online here.

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