Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Hey everyone!  We hope you started 2014 off with a bang!  We wish you all a fabulous new year. Here are a couple of my favorites for the week.

BrylaneHome 18-Pk Flocked Hanger Set - It's a fresh new year, and for me, that means organizing my closets.  I love these flocked hangers from BrylaneHome.  A pack contains 18 velvet-flocked hangers that eliminate shoulder bumps and keeps your clothes from sliding off the hanger.  Their attractive, slim design also saves a lot of space in your closet.

Available in three colors - black, brown and camel. You and your clothes deserve quality hangers.  This set is currently on sale so now is definitely the time to save!

The Wet Brush - My daughter has long hair and brushing it after she gets out of the shower tends to be a nightmare.  Thank goodness for The Wet Brush.  It is truly a lifesaver!  No more sour faces and complaining in the morning.

This isn't just any ordinary hair brush.  After one use, we were both hooked!  It works wonders on dry or wet hair.  This brush painlessly detangles even the thickest, most stubborn hair thanks to its revolutionary Intell-flex bristles.  They're ultra thin with rapid recovery memory.  The bristles do not pull the hair, and their ball tips feel so great against the scalp.  It's a massage in a brush!  If you struggle with tangles and knots, or you just want a brush that feels amazing on your scalp, I highly recommend The Wet Brush.

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