Sunday, December 15, 2013

Giveaway: SlideBelt of your choice from SlideBelts - 2 Winners!

Product provided from SlideBelts.  All opinions are my own.

SlideBelts - Simple. Stylish. Sliding. A perfect fit each time!  I wish I could have been introduced to SlideBelts sooner.  I would have saved money and prevented headaches trying to get the right fit!  I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my belts - they either have to match the color of my shoes, the tips have to barely pass the first best loop... you get the point.

There's also an unwritten law from the style God's that you must ALWAYS use the middle-most hole, which is the third hole of the five, on your belt.  Unfortunately, we are mere humans and life happens. We gain/lose weight, our pants are different from each other, and sometimes we gorge ourselves at Christmas parties necessitating the adjustment of our belts to the outermost hole!  With SlideBelts, this is no longer an issue since there are no holes!

SlideBelts is Eastern European inspired in which an automatic buckle is used to adjust the belt.  Instead of holes, a row of notches or teeth are sewn on the back of the leather.  As you slide the leather through the buckle, a mechanism on the buckle catches onto the notches on the leather.  Once you have the perfect fit, simply stop sliding the leather through.  To undo or loosen the belt, simply pull on the releasing mechanism built into the buckle.  It's that simple!  Watch the video below to see it in action.

Available in premium full grain leather and numerous colors of leather belts and stylish buckles!  I specifically love the onyx, cognac, and chestnut colors of leather which I can pair with all the colors of shoes in my wardrobe.  

For those who want to add spice to their belts, other exciting colors offered are White, Yellow, Crimson Red, and many others.  

When it comes to buckles, I love their Original Black, Original Silver, and Classic Gunmetal.  Their leathers and low-profile buckles can be mixed and matched so you can use their buckles and leathers in any combination you wish!  Go casual or go dressy.  SlideBelts will work for any occasion.

Christmas is coming and SlideBelts make a great gift!  The leathers are capable of fitting a waist up to 50".  Once you receive your belt, there are instructions on how to make it fit perfectly for you.  I wear a size 32" waist pant and the instructions suggests cutting the leather at 34", which is conveniently marked on the back of the leather.  

This will allow you to have a perfect fitting belt even if you ever have to go two sizes up in pant size!  If you should make a mistake and cut the leather shorter than needed, SlideBelts offers free exchanges for all orders shipped within the U.S.  Now that's customer service!

Presentation at its finest.  Each belt came carefully placed in a nice gift box.  Perfect for gift giving.

Bottom Line: Need a stylish belt that fits perfectly each time?  Check out their beautiful website to find the right combination of leather and buckle that's perfect for your style and needs!  Share the experience of Simple. Stylish. Sliding.

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  1. I love that these belts adjust perfectly every time and the buckles are very attractive, these would make nice gifts as you wouldn't need to know the persons exact size to get a great fit.

  2. These are such nice looking belts. They would go with just about any thing you wanted to wear.

    1. They really do, Susan! These belts are great! And what's cool about them is you can mix and match the buckles and leathers so you always have a new belt!