Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giveaway: Razor Renew Long - 2 WINNERS!

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Razor Renew - A must for every household that use razor blades!  In our society that values convenience, we unfortunately throw away perfectly good and usable items without thinking twice.  Razor blades are one of these items that are costly, but prematurely thrown away!  Razor blades get dull, not because the blades are damaged, but because deposits from shaving cream, soap scum, minerals deposits, and oxides build up on the razor's edge.  Razor Renew cleans and removes these dulling properties and regenerates your razor.

I've been using Razor Renew for 6 months now and calculated a savings of $100!  My razor of choice is a Gillette Fusion Proglide, which I have been using for a year.  Six months ago, I was down to my last blade, but instead of replacing it, I started sharpening it with my short 7" Razor Renew ($24.59 MSRP).  Six months later, I'm still using the same razor blade that I was about to replace and it's still as sharp as the day I bought it.

Here's how I have saved $100 by using Razor Renew:  Since I've been sharpening my Gillette Fusion Proglide, Susannah has since stopped buying razors and started using mine (she can always count on my razor being sharp).  In the past 6 months, she would have spent $50 on razors and I would have spent $50 on cartridge refills.  My facial hair grows slowly and Susannah's hair is fine and grows slowly as well.  In other words, we don't go through razors as much as others and we still managed to save $100.  Now compare the savings for someone who goes through razors, their savings would be a lot more!

Using the Razor Renew is easy; simply secure one end, hold onto the other end, push the razor up on the suede-end 4X and downward 4X, flip over push the razor up on the smooth end 4X and downward 4X, and now your razor is as good as new!  Watch the video above to see how simple Razor Renew is to use.  You can also use it to sharpen knives and scissors.

Bottom Line – If your household uses razor blades, Razor Renew is a must have.  If you think you need to replace your razor blades, they are simply dirty and need cleaning.  With Razor Renew, your razor blades will be clean and be rejuvenated as if you've just replaced it with a brand new cartridge.  Visit Razor Renew to place your order for the holidays.

Discount Time:  Right now you can take 15% off the retail price by entering the coupon code:  FUNKY.  Good through the entire month of December.  Stock up for Christmas gifts!

Giveaway Time:  Razor Renew is giving TWO lucky readers a Razor Renew Long!  This is a must-have gift for dads this year!

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  1. My husband is a cook and he would use this for all of his knives!

  2. This would be excellent for honing my knives and also definitely for the razor. I have an excellent knife sharpener and the strop would work really good for the final honing to get a razor edge on the knives, especially the kitchen knives.

  3. My husband, myself and two of my daughters could use this one. lol Razors are expensive with a household like ours. We would use it to prolong the life of our razors. Happy Holidays

  4. I would use it for my knifes as well as my razors (I currently use a towel for my 3-blade razors which works ok).