Friday, December 6, 2013

Giveaway: Lyziwraps Starter Package 5 Sets (20 wraps) of your choice

In 2004, a Colorado 8th grader discovered that Americans produce 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  That's 1 million tons per week!  This innovative student decided to design a reusable fabric gift wrap bag for her schools "innovation" competition and people were sold on the idea.

Lyziwraps is your answer to save time, energy and money while helping reduce waste.  Forget one time use paper gift wraps and gift bags.  This wasteful habit is a thing of the past!  Reuse your Lyziwraps year after year.  Each wrap comes with a log in the pocket to record who received what when.  Lyziwraps are sold in sets of four (xs, s, m, l)  They're super easy to use and easy to store.

The tubular form allows each wrap to conform to the various sizes and shapes of your gifts.  Just stuff, cuff and cinch!

The Lyziwraps Christmas Mix will have your gifts ready to give in no time!  You will receive a set of mixed red poly-taffeta wraps and green cotton wraps.  

And when the holidays are over, you'll want to have the Lyziwraps Ripstop Mixed Colors Combo Pack handy.

These washable, adjustable wraps are made of durable nylon fabrics.  Set includes 1 pillow pocket that doubles as a wrap, and 4 wraps (sx, s, m, l) in 4 different colors.  The colors for specific sizes are random.  

Giveaway Time:  Lyziwraps is giving one lucky reader a  Lyzi starter package 5 sets (20 wraps) of their choice!

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