Monday, November 18, 2013

Rubber Duckie & Friends Showerheads for Kids: Good Clean Fun!

Sponsored post from Rubber Duckie & Friends

Just look at these adorable gentle-flow handheld shower heads for kids!  Rubber Duckie & Friends will make bath time fun and help get your little one to want to take a bath or shower.  This company turns bath time into good clean fun!

Rubber Duckie & Friends showerhead kits comes in five different styles - Duckie Froggie, Hippie, Dollie and Rickie.

Each showerhead kit saves water with its gentle 1.5 gpm flow rate.  They are compliant with all EPA-inspired conservation laws and offer a soothing spray that is gentle enough for infants and toddlers.

Your friend will come with a character showerhead, movable showerhead mount with rubber suction cups, 6-foot white plastic hose and a 2-way water flow diverter.  It's everything you need for hours of good clean fun!  You'll also receive plumber's tape to help make installation quick and easy.

The rubber suction cups on the mount (the Friends' feet) make each Rubber Duckie & Friends shower completely movable!  The 6-foot hose allows Rubber Duckie & Friends to be placed anywhere in your tub or shower.  These are a wonderful way to transition your kids from taking baths to showers.

The 2-way diverter allows you to switch water flow from mom and dad's showerhead to the Rubber Duckie & Friends shower.  Or the Rubber Duckie & Friends can be used alone without the diverter as the only showerhead on the arm.

This is such a cute and clever idea!  These would make excellent baby shower gifts or Christmas gifts this year!  Buy and two and shipping is FREE!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Aww! How adorable are these!!!! I can't imagine a more fun way to transition kids from taking baths to showers!!!!

  2. I think these showerheads are so cute. The kids will love them . So much more fun than the regular old showheads . thanks for the pics and info for them.