Sunday, November 10, 2013

pickURgift: Never give an unwanted gift again!

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Everyone needs to know about pickURgift this holiday season!  

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or holiday you need to buy a gift for, but don't know what to choose?  Let pickURgift help!  Now all you need to do is choose a variety of gifts for your recipient and let them choose!  You'll be less stressed, your recipient will love their gift and everyone wins!  Or you can use it as a gift list for yourself.  Add what you love and let others choose what to give you. Join their community today and start giving and receiving the gift of choice.

You can place all your gift ideas in one place.  It's so nice to have all of your options organized so nicely.  They are easy to access and find.

Here's how it works...

Registration was a breeze.  Once you enter your name and email address, you are taken to these steps below.

Install the UR Button to your bookmark or favorites bar.  The UR Button pop up that will appear on any website you visit.  I easily added this to my bookmark bar in Chrome and it worked like a charm.

Next, you're able to select who and why you're storing gifts.  It's easy to create a contact or a gift page from the UR Button or from the site dashboard.

While you're shopping online, you can add the perfect gift to your recipient's wish list.

I got busy and created lists for my family members.  My kids are the easiest to shop for so I was able to add some gifts to my son's Christmas gifts page.

I visited Toys R US and found a 3DS game he wants.  Once I found the item on their website, I clicked on my UR Button in my bookmarks bar and the rectangular box to the left popped up.  I chose the gift page I wanted to add this gift to.  In this case it was "Jake's Christmas Gifts."  I was able to choose the image I wanted to use as well as the gift title and gift description.  That's it!  It was so easy and FUN!

Once you have gifts in your list, you may choose to email the list to others.  This is a GREAT feature! I'm going to email this list to his grandparents so they know just what he wants this year!  When they click on a gift, it will take them directly to the website to purchase.  No more guessing!

I can even create my own wish list!  That's going to be fun!  Now my husband will know what I truly want.  However, I truly believe it's not about getting, it's all about giving!

pickURgift is really going to save me a lot of time this Christmas, and it's going to put a lot of happy faces on the people I love.  Head on over and try it out yourself! You'll never look at gift giving the same way again!

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