Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Perky Jerky: The Action Packed Snack

Product provided from Perky Jerky.  All opinions are my own.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to try some really great jerky from Perky Jerky. This company is reinventing what healthy snacking is all about by creating the world's best tasting, ultra premium jerky products.  

Their marinade contains seven ingredients, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks.  You'll satisfy your craving for a tasty snack and get energized at the same time.

All of their gluten-free flavors contain only all natural ingredients, and no preservatives, nitrates or added MSG. Their lean protein jerky is low in calories, fat and carbs.  This will keep you on track with your clean and healthy lifestyle.

My husband prefers beef jerky and I enjoy turkey jerky.  I was happy to see that this company offers both. The taste and texture is wonderful.  It's tender, flavorful and filling.  Their beef varieties are low in fat, while their turkey varieties contain no fat.

There are four flavors to choose from in beef or turkey.
  • Sweet & Spicy - The meat is marinated overnight in a sweet jalapeno mixture.  You'll love the tasty combo!  I'm not a lover of spicy foods, but I can handle this flavor.
  • Hot & Bothered -  This flavor will kick you in the pants.  The meat is marinated overnight in a spicy mixture of peppers and garlic.  Great for all you spicy fans!
  • Teriyaki - My favorite of the three.  The meat is marinated overnight in a blend of pineapple, soy sauce and ginger.
  • Original - Traditional flavor at its finest.

And as you know, The Funky Monkey loves a company that gives back!  Part of their proceeds go to support Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome research.

Be sure to get your hands on these high-protein, action packed snacks for the holidays!  Visit here to locate a store near you or order online here.

Discount Time:  Right now you can take 10% off your order with the code:  funkymonkey.  Does not apply on buy 4 get 1 free deals.

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  1. I've never tried turkey jerky before! This sounds like great stuff! Gotta try it!

    1. Turkey jerky is my favorite! I enjoy the texture over beef, but my husband prefers the beef. They're both good!

  2. I feel so silly because when i read it was "perky" jerky I immediately thought: "How'd they get caffeine into jerky!!!"

  3. What is jerky? I've never tried it. Is it smoked,dried out meat?

  4. I love Perky Jerky, ate some today.