Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All

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Have you ever wondered what having "it all" really means?  Dr. Jane Goldner believes that success is not a one size fits all concept.  Throughout the book, Women Driven to Success: You Can Have Your All, Dr. Goldner discusses the different paths women have taken to go from homemakers to "doing dishes, diapers, and million-dollar deals", with many choices in-between.

The critical lesson is that before a woman "leans in," she needs to figure out "her all."  This book contains Dr. Goldner's own life experiences and those of 14 other highly successful senior-level professional women.  This is a great book featuring role models as well as a tool kit to help you define and live YOUR ALL.  

Many topics are covered including the need for each woman to define her own core, why being "everything to everybody" is NOT the answer and the important difference between taking personal time to stay healthy and having to take time to be sick.  

Dr. Goldner has over 30 years experience as a business consultant.  She has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, the US Military and many executive leaders of our country.  

Head on over to Amazon to pick up your copy today.  The new year is approaching.  Start 2014 with a bang and find YOUR all.

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