Monday, October 7, 2013

MOVA Globe: Solar Powered Motion

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The MOVA Globe is a very unique product that should definitely be on your holiday gift list this year. This innovative globe turns freely on its own, using only the energy of room light and the forces of Earth's magnetic field to simulate perpetual motion.  Whether on a stand or in the palm of your hand, each globe turns autonomously.  There is no need for batteries or power cords.

MOVA products are the first and only solar-powered item with hidden solar panels. Underneath the detailed graphic lies the solar cell technology that silently and calmly rotates the globe.

See it in action!

So how does it work?  The award-winning MOVA Globe features an inner globe that rotates and is contained within an outer shell made of clear acrylic that does not rotate.  The thin space between the inner globe and the outer shell is filled with a safe and clear fluid that buoyantly supports the inner globe.  The graphic features on the surface of the globe are magnified and appear to be on the surface of the outer shell.  This gives the optical illusion that the outer shell is actually moving.

The MOVA Globe is available in three sizes with a wide range of graphics - 4.5", 6" and 8.5".  There are also MOVA pendants, planets and moon and an assortment of lovely bases to choose from.  

All MOVA Globes come standard with a three-pronged acrylic base as shown below.

The MOVA Globe is a magnificent sight to see and a beautiful piece for your home or office.  What a wonderful gift for that hard to buy for person.  These globes also make excellent corporate gifts.
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