Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey Dude: Vinci Brown Shoes

Product provided from Hey Dude Shoes.  All opinions are my own.

Hey Dude Vinci - Stylish shoes with slipper-like comfort!  Many of us have experienced owning attractive shoes, but they're very uncomfortable.  With the Hey Dude Vinci Brown, you can have the best of both worlds!  As soon as I put them on, I felt instant comfort and wanted to wear them anywhere and everywhere, even lounging on the couch.  They actually made my feet feel better with them on than not having them on - YES they're that comfortable!    I especially love that they look like wing-tip shoes, but for casual wear.

I took the liberty of weighing my Hey Dude Vinci in a size 8 and they weighed almost as much as a pair of sandals.  The secret to the shoes' light construction is the use of lightweight military canvas with Italian cow-suede toe, heel and overlay.  Dupont soles provide a rugged tread pattern giving it an original take on the classic wing-tip shoes.  Comfort is enhanced by the Vinci insoles which mates EVA and rubber for the perfect elasticity while keeping it light.  A perforated pig skin top layer protects your insole and allows your feet to breath to stay dry.  The insoles are 1/8" thick at the toes and expands to 1/2" thick closer to your heels where impact is the strongest.

Bottom Line:  I couldn't say it any better than Hey Dude's description: "These Vinci brogue oxfords is a must for any laid back, style conscious guy..... Suitable for work or the pub, Vinci is a great alternative to heavy dress shoes."  Do your feet a favor, visit Hey Dude and pick out the shoes that best fit your lifestyle.  There are many colors to choose from.  You'll be happy you did!

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  1. These mens shoes look really nice. I would love to snag a pair for my dad (:

    1. He would love them! :) They are great for Christmas!