Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Baseboard Buddy: Quickly & easily clean your baseboards!

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Let's face it, cleaning baseboards is a daunting task.  Your knees...your back!  Ouch!

Thank goodness there's a solution to this aching problem.  Introducing the patent pending Baseboard Buddy! This innovative tool cleans your baseboards easily without all the bending and stooping.  Your back and knees will thank you!  This tool adjusts to fit small to medium size baseboards.

The removable pad is designed with durability in mind.  It will safely clean your baseboards without piling or scratching.  Just spray with your favorite cleaner.

You can even use your Baseboard Buddy to clean the tops of your door moldings, too.  No need for a ladder.

With the purchase of a Baseboard Buddy, you will receive a baseboard, telescoping pole and cleaning pad.

See it in action!

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  1. just ordered, I can't wait to get my hands on this!


  2. How much does it cost

  3. Took my money and never got it! Website has disappeared to boot!

    1. What is the name on the order and what day did you make the purchase? They will look into it, but I'll need that first.