Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CRKT: Onion Survival Parasaw

Complimentary product provided to me from CRKT.  All opinions are my own.

CRKT Onion Survival Parasaw - Functional and innovative, this bracelet is a fashion statement for the outdoorsman (or woman) who wants to be prepared for any emergency that may arise.  The bracelet is made from braided paracord that snaps together with a plastic buckle.  Inside you'll find a tungsten carbide wire saw.  Unbraided, the bracelet in size Large provides 141" of paracord and 18.5" of tungsten carbide wire with finger loop handles.

Paracord is an important survival tool because it has a vast variety of uses such as repairing broken equipment, securing items, building a shelter to protect against the elements, tie a straight stick to limb to use as a splint, and lots of other uses.  Tungsten carbide is a great material to be used as a wire saw because it is three times stiffer than steel, much denser than steel or titanium, and comparable to sapphire in hardness.

When an emergency arises and you need to use the paracord or wire saw, simply unbraid the paracord bracelet by starting to unravel at the heat seal located by one of the buckle snaps.  To use the wire saw, remove the protective plastic wrap and unfold the wire saw, open the finger loops, position the wire saw on the item you are trying to cut, and use a sawing motion with your fingers in the finger loops for leverage.
The Onion Survival Parasaw comes in two sizes, small (8.5" in circumference) and large (9.5" in circumference), both 7/8" in width.  Available in the colors tan, green, and black.

Bottom Line – Don't get caught unprepared in a survival situation when a paracord or a wire saw could have saved the day or maybe even a life.  Wear a CRKT Onion Survival Parasaw and you just may prevent an emergency from becoming a lethal, catastrophic situation.  Head on over to CRKT for more useful tools and survival gear.

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